West Coast Customs tunes a BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe for FouseyTube

4 Series, Tuning, Videos | October 6th, 2015 by 5
West Coast Customs BMW 4er Tuning fouseyTube 750x500

American Youtube personality Yousef Erakat better known by his stage name FouseyTube wen to West Coast Customs to pimp his ride. West Coast Customs developed a wrap made to mimic the red, white and grey colorway found on popular Nike sneakers. The car even got a name: DOF Mobile. “I handed the shoe to West Coast Customs, and I said ‘make my car feel like a shoe,” Yousef said. West Coast Customs is famous for the “Pimp my ride” TV show popular a few years back.

The shop also equipped the 435i Gran Coupe with new wheels, lowered suspension, underbody lighting and some other gimmicks. In addition to the extremely flashy paint, the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé carries a carbon bonnet, a rear spoiler lip made of carbon fiber, a sports exhaust system with four tailpipes and flap control, all-around strong tinted windows and a new set of wheels.

youtuber fouseytube bmw 750x422 West Coast Customs BMW 4er Tuning fouseyTube 750x495

They even added a tuning chip for more power.

fouseyTube has over 7.2 million subscribers in Youtube and has already won several awards, every one of his videos from the last two years has at least seven digit clicks generated. Let’s have a look at the car.