Should the next BMW Z4 have coupe, M variants?

Interesting | October 3rd, 2015 by 4

We all know a new BMW Z4 is in the works and will be coming to us sometime in the future. We’re not sure if it will be the near future, we just know that one is coming. It’s possible that BMW will work with Toyota to create it, as well. What we do know for certain is that it will be at least available as a convertible. It’s likely that it will only be a drop-top, as the previous Z4 lacked a coupe body style. Admittedly, it was a hard-top convertible, so with the top up it looked like a coupe, but that’s not the same. Coupes are lighter, stiffer and handle better.

The Z4 that preceded that one, the E85 generation, had a coupe variant and it was wonderful. It was fast, tight, nimble and light, thanks to the lack of power-folding roof mechanism and more rigid roof structure. The Z4 coupe is actually one of the more desirable old BMWs, in the eyes of enthusiasts. It was a riot to drive. It also had a proper M variant, called the Z4 M Coupe. Not the most original of names, but it was an excellent car and one of the more fun BMWs of its time. It was also very rare, so it had a prestige factor to it. Unfortunately, its successor never had such a variant, likely due to the lack of sales of the original Z4 M Coupe.

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BMW Z4 M Coupe

The next Z4 is coming and will be built on some sort of scalable, lightweight platform. Whether that platform is BMW’s own or co-developed with Toyota, it will be very light and most likely have extensive uses of carbon fiber, aluminum and high-strength steel. This will make it very lightweight and very rigid, making a coupe variant off the table, most likely, as the convertible would be light enough and stiff enough. But that doesn’t rule out an M variant. If BMW does indeed build this car with Toyota, the Toyota version will most likely be a Supra successor, which would make it the higher performing car than the Z4. BMW can’t have that.

BMW can’t get shown up by Toyota while using its own car. That simply cannot and would not happen. So it’s likely that BMW could bring the Z4 M Coupe back with the next iteration. This would be exciting, as the only convertible M cars we have are the M4 and M6 ‘verts and they’re a bit too heavy for proper M duty. A lightweight M roadster would be amazing and something fans would be buying for years to follow, even after it ends production, much like the Z4 M Coupe now. So what do you think, should BMW make a coupe or M variant to the upcoming Z4 successor?