Rumor: BMW 9 Series Coupe considered for production

Rumors | September 30th, 2015 by 18

Latest rumor coming from Munich says that BMW is considering a 9 Series Coupe model for production. German magazine AutoZeitung also published an article on the 9er Coupe which corroborates some of the things we’ve heard through the grapevine.

For starters, the alleged 9 Series Coupe would be based on the platform of the next generation Rolls Royce Phantom and to offset its footprint it will make use of CFRP for the passenger cell. The design is still being explored, but the Vision Future Luxury Concept will certainly have some influences on the potential 9 Series concept. Suicide doors are also said to be part of the recipe.

Inside the cabin, the high-tech seen in the new 7 Series and also in the Vision Future Luxury Concept will likely be used, along with higher premium materials and trims.

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BMW considers a series of powerplants to be used in the 9 Series cars, starting with the 3.0 liter turbocharged, petrol and diesel, and continuing with a V8 4.4 liter TwinTurbo. A hybrid version, 940e, is also said to be part of the release plan.

The luxurious limousine would take on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe or even the Maybach, and it will be targeted for customers in China, U.S. and the UK.