Which BMW performance car venture do you want most, McLaren or Toyota?

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We just recently found out that Toyota will be making the final decision on the joint sports car venture between the Japanese brand and BMW later this year. We’ve all been waiting anxiously for some concrete evidence of such a car, but it appears that Toyota has been getting cold feet. Hopefully Toyota and BMW are a full-go by year’s end and we get some cool new cars in the market. But if not, I hear BMW will be working on a sports car with another company that’s pretty good at making performance cars.

BMW M has recently announced its partnership with McLaren to build a new supercar with a carbon fiber chassis and a quad-turbo, BMW-developed, mid-mounted V8. If that doesn’t get your blood pumping, I’m not sure what will. But it’s good to know that if the BMW/Toyota partnership doesn’t pan out that BMW will be working on something equally, or even more, exciting.

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BMW/Toyota sports car rendering

But which one will be more important to BMW, really? Obviously, the enthusiast in us all would say the McLaren co-venture, because who doesn’t want basically a new version of the McLaren F1? But would that really be more beneficial to BMW, and its followers, than the venture with Toyota?

A BMW/Toyota sports car would be tremendous for both BMW and its fanbase, as it would allow BMW to sell the car for less that it would have if it developed the car on its own. This allows enthusiasts to get a BMW sports car for relatively little money. A McLaren/BMW supercar will only be produced in triple-digit numbers each year and be extremely expensive. So in the real world, it would do much for BMW or its fans. Knowing it exists, and maybe even seeing one on the road, would make enthusiasts happy, but that’s about the extent of it. Such a supercar might bring BMW’s brand reputation up and get more bodies into showrooms, much like the LFA did for Lexus, but I’m not sure BMW actually has an issue with brand image, in terms of performance, like Lexus does.

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BMW/McLaren supercar rendering

A joint sports car with Toyota would actually probably help BMW more so than one with McLaren, but it seems like it might not happen anymore and the McLaren/BMW supercar does excite far more. So which joint venture would you like to see BMW follow through with if one were to collapse?

30 responses to “Which BMW performance car venture do you want most, McLaren or Toyota?”

  1. Blake Arrendell says:

    The BMW/Toyota, because it will be more affordable.

  2. Alexander says:

    Legendary british sportcar manufacturer can’t even be compared to toyota which has little common with sport cars

  3. Hidefvi says:

    OK, I’ll play. A mid engine BMW Supra. I currently can’t afford a McClaren let alone a BMW McLaren. I think BMW is the best “German” brand and Toyota ( I currently own two and have owned them since new 10yrs+) the best “Japanese” brand.

  4. CDspeed says:

    BMW should get away from Toyota, Toyota is one reason I think BMW i hasn’t been very active. And seriously, Toyota, what the heck does Toyota know about sports cars, they’re the go to company for beige cars. I would like to see BMW build a super car, it would be nice if the M1 wasn’t their only attempt.

    • Kaisuke971 says:

      LFA, Supra (4 generations !), 2000GT, MR2 (3 Gens), IS-F, AE86 (And there are Levins and Truenos of other gens as well), Celica GT-Four, GT86… Toyota has some clues about making sport cars imo.

      • iLeicaMike says:

        >Toyota has some clues about making sport cars imo.

        You’re a teenager who spends his time commenting on this site with the same statistics all of us can read at any time. I’m not trying to be harsh, but you show up everywhere and have incredibly limited first hand experience. Why should the BMW community value your opinion?

      • CDspeed says:

        The LFA was worth mentioning, the rest was junk, and the LFA was flawed it was over priced and still lost Toyota money. BMW has the experience to build M cars, they don’t need help, they could just do it, Toyota doesn’t build their DTM cars for them.

        • Kaisuke971 says:

          Dude… The 2000GT is worth millions now, and there is a reason for that. It was one of the most advanced car at its time, and often called the “first japanese supercar” ! I’m okay for the GT-Four, even if it won the WRC (ST185) and the ST205 was really fast and grippy, it’s not the most loved car out there i’ll give you that.
          The AE86 though… this is basically the closest thing to an E30. 900kg, “4A-GE” 1.6l DOHC 16v four cylinder (very close to be the best sounding one btw)…. Give it the credit it deserves. The MR2 as well was an awesome little thing, don’t deny it. At the time there was, like it, basically the Lotus Elise, and the Catheram 7. That’s pretty much it. A nice little sport car, poor man’s Ferrari mid-engined 4 banger mate, come on…
          The IS-F i’m ok with that, even if its engine was awesome and the whole thing could hold up with the germans it’s okay it wasn’t a beast either.
          The Supra though… This is one of the very most legendary car ever. There was not lots of things that could hold up with the Twin Turbo 2JZ-GTE “330”hp version mate !
          And obviously, if they do a collaboration with either McLaren or Toyota, the cars won’t exactly be on the same market.

        • dc says:

          Guess you’re ignorant of the concept of halo car. & how is i not very active? Two innovative, contrasting clean sheet designs unique to the market. Kids today..

        • Stephen Garrett says:

          The Supra, Celica, MR2, etc, etc, were NOT junk. You have to be a kool-aid swilling bonafide hater to thing as much. And lots of cars lose money, doesn’t really mean anything,

          • CDspeed says:

            It would be like asking a dairy farmer to help you make wine, the MR2 and Celica only look like sports cars, the Supra is pretty nice though it is famous because it was thee car for tuners. Like I said before, Lotus would have made more sense then Toyota, simply because Lotus is an experienced sports car maker.

    • iLeicaMike says:

      When I first read the title I wasn’t sure if this was a serious question. Choosing between Toyota (the ruling king of “good is good enough”) and McLaren (More F1 pedigree than Toyota will ever obtain) is akin to asking “Do you want a peanut butter sandwich or a private paid seat at a Michelin star awarded restaurant?”.

      Anyone concerned need only look at the FRS/BRZ; their [Toyota’s] last cooperative venture into the sports car market. An incredibly small, slow, coupe that has an engine bay so small the Subaru engineers have yet to find a way to efficiently create an STi variant. Do we really need Toyota’s hands to continue to meddle with the sports car industry?

      • CDspeed says:

        I can’t even believe the names Toyota or Lexus were ever used in the same sentence as the words “sports car”. Who in their right mind would partner with Toyota for a sports car, it makes no sense, the LFA only came into existence after they sank millions into its development, and it lost money. Lotus would have made more sense then Toyota.

    • Stephen Garrett says:

      What does Toyota know about sports cars?? Did you really just ask that?

  5. hosen says:

    Well… Toyota or McLaren? if BMW wants to make a hybrid car or an EV, Toyota is the best partner. but I cant define an “affordable sport car” !! BMW helped McLaren to produce the Great F1, now McLaren can help BMW to make another M1.

    But does BMW need a super car? im not sure but I like to see BMW’s logo on a super car when MB and Audi and Porsche have their own supercars. relationship with Toyota can bring more money and relationship with McLaren can bring more Reputation. am I right?

    • Senne says:

      Yeah, I share your opinion. Toyota has lots of experience with hybrid cars. That’s the future, so it would make more sense to build a hybrid sports car with Toyota than an old fashioned V8 supercar…

      • Max says:

        Agree! If it is a hybrid then Toyota might be the choice…And dont forget. Toyota have been in the F1 some day and are currently in WEC (ok not very competetive) but they are doing sports cars even though not for the road. I am not a big fan of japanese cars and the enthusiast in me says: McLaren!!!! But the business persons says Toyota is not the worst partner.

  6. Senne says:

    I think BMW/Toyota would indeed be more profitable and definitely enjoyable!

  7. Irakli Razmadze says:

    right answer would be … both of them :) relatively affordable sports car with Toyota; Supercar – with McLaren …

  8. Indrit Selimi says:

    McLaren obviosly…what the hell Toyota has to do with sport let alone super cars? In any case Toyota is going to buy the BMW group…

  9. Bmw Fan Club'S. says:

    With McLaren and I like BMW-McLaren Petrol Engine V12 6.5Liter or 4.0 Liter with 750 HP to 850 HP.

  10. Icebreakerr says:

    SUpercar bmw mclaren. fuck toyota

  11. Stephen Garrett says:

    Definitely the Toyota collab, because I want a new Supra!! I couldn’t care much less about a new Z4, but I’m salivating over the thought of a production FT-1.

    Don’t get me wrong, a neo-M1 with McLaren would be awesome, but ultimately another supercar that I’ll never be able to experience, so it’s of little consequence to me. Not only that, but there’s really nothing of significance it could accomplish. It’s not going to be a new performance standard or anything like that. The most it could do is earn the title of the best performing BMW built. That’s great and all, but it means little in the overall scope of things.

  12. hosen says:

    Hi again. I think BMW can produce the new Z4 without any help. But Toyota needs some help to make a sport car. Toyota’s sport car will be a great car with BMW’s help. But new Z4 is a nice car with or without Toyota’s help.

    So BMW can produce its own sport car (Z4) without Toyota’s help and use of Toyota’s help in hybrid technology (not for sports). BMW has lots of great sport cars.. So its time to produce a super car with Mclaren.

  13. Bmw Fan Club'S. says:

    with McLaren
    i like BMW-McLaren 6.5Liter 900 HP.

  14. Bmw Fan Club'S. says:

    or BMW-McLaren 5.5Liter V12 800PS

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