1972 BMW 2002 For Sale

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1972 BMW 2002 front

The BMW 2002 is considered by many as the first ever sports sedan. Others will tell you that Alfa Romeo invented the sports sedan, with …

The BMW 2002 is considered by many as the first ever sports sedan. Others will tell you that Alfa Romeo invented the sports sedan, with the 1900. But regardless of which sports sedan came first, the BMW 2002 was the most successful and most famous, as it set the tone for every sports sedan we drive today.

The BMW 2002 is easily one of the most enjoyable sports sedans ever to be made. It’s so pure and perfectly balanced. Its 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine and four-speed manual sync together in perfect harmony. The suspension is supple yet tight and the steering is direct and dripping with feedback. By today’s standards, the 2002’s steering might feel slow, but there’s no denying the perfect clarity it has in delivering information from the road to your hands. The 2002 is so tiny, light and nimble that it’s incredibly fun to drive, even today, despite the fact that it has less horsepower than a modern day Toyota Yaris.

1972 BMW 2002 interior

Another cool thing about the BMW 2002 is its price. Currently, decent examples can be had for relatively cheap. And even incredibly well taken care of, completely original models can be had for decent prices as well. It’s not an overly expensive classic to own. And, because it’s a sturdy, simple and reliable machine, it can be driven everyday with only very few and inexpensive repairs to keep it going. So it’s not a headache to own, like some Alfa Romeos are.

This particular car is a great example of a very original 2002 with good mileage and a lot of character. The beautiful Verona Red paint has faded just a bit from years  in the California sun, but the interior is immaculate and all original. This is also one of the most rust-free examples of an original BMW 2002 that I’ve ever seen. It looks fantaastic. It wears its 127,000 miles with real pride.

1972 BMW 2002 side

The engine has been restored at some point during its 43 years and supposedly runs great. The 2-barrel Solex carb has been replaced with a Weber, for reliability. But these BMW 2.0 inline four-cylinder engines are as long lasting as Neuschwanstein castle, so there isn’t much to worry about in that respect. mated to a four-speed manual and this is a zippy little car.

Now, the only ugly part of this car is the price. At $24,000, it’s a bit steep. However, this car is mostly original and in spectacular shape. There’s such little rust and wear on almost anything that this 43 year old car still has a lot left in the tank, metaphorically speaking. The sun-faded Verona Red looks great, as it shows the cars age a bit. Classic cars that have a bit of wear and tear are always better to own, in my opinion, because you can drive them without worrying about every tiny pebble in the road. This car wears its age with pride. It’s obvious that memories were made in this car and that it’s keen on making many more. So maybe it’s worth the $24,000.

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