Rumor: BMW i5 is a crossover, launching in 2020

BMW i, Rumors | September 10th, 2015 by 18
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For quite some time we have heard that the third model of BMW’s i division would be a sedan the size of a 5 Series, but latest news from Munich say otherwise.

The i5 is slotted for a 2020 launch and it will be an alternative to the Tesla Model S. A concept car showcasing the design of the i5 will be unveiled in the future.

The same sources say the i5 production model will be just as spectacular in design as its i3 and i8 brothers, sans the butterfly doors. It will have an attractive appearance, but not sacrifice the comfort of their passengers.

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Now onto the drivetrain. BMW is rumored to take the hydrogen fuel cell systems route, similar to the technology previewed last month in Miramas. Using hydrogen fuel cells to power electric motors gives BMWs the kind of power and performance their customers are used to with incredible efficiency and no charge times.

While pure battery-powered electric vehicles are primarily used for city driving and short distances, the fuel cell technology provides the ideal solution for customers looking for a high driving range with zero emissions. The technology is also aimed at cars larger in size, like those 5 Series and above models. The BMW i5 would fit the bill as well.


18 responses to “Rumor: BMW i5 is a crossover, launching in 2020”

  1. Mitchell Radford says:

    This nonsense again?

  2. CDspeed says:

    You know what it costs to fuel up Toyota’s hydrogen car, $65.00 . Ok if this is where BMW is going, I’m going elsewhere. Tesla has free quick charging for long distance travel, and BMW wants us to keep paying at the pump…… Seriously!

    • Max says:

      What do you think? Of course you will have to pay, we are not in wonderland Oo
      Funny that someone who considers to buy a premium car is not willing to pay for “fuel”.

      To Tesla: you mean the company which is writing letters to their customers because they take/use what they have bought?
      Have fun! ;) This is ridiculous and shows the real face of the company. They seem to struggle, I wonder if they will be still on the market in 2020..

      • CDspeed says:

        I’d be fully willing to pay for a charge it’s extremely cheap when you do. On my local electricity if I had to charge the entire 22 kWh battery in my i3 it would cost me $2.80, it’s hard to even notice the difference on my power bill. And the Tesla letter issue, is based on the fact that some owners have apparently been abusing them using them more then they need. It’s kind of like free refills on soda, people fill up more then they need, and it ends up costing the restaurant/cafeteria more money then they expected. Anytime a courtesy is extended by a buisness they have to end it, or make it a limited time offer because people abuse the courtesy, ever see someone take an unnecessary amount of napkins or sugar packets at a coffee shop or cafeteria? Free courtesies always end up being abused, but you just hate Tesla don’t you, they’ve created jobs, and the first new innovative car company in decades in the US but you hate them.

        • Max says:

          I dont hate the company, just the hype around it, because they arent really innovative IMO. They just build heavy cars with a lot of batteries in it, nothing more. I drove one, it starts with the big copied iPad screen which works very bad because the system behind it is too slow and the multi touch isnt any close to an iPad or whatever touch device I am used to. Second the interior also feels cheap, I can go on and on..this is my experience.
          And to the courtesies, yes people will abuse them but as an, you called it innovative, company you should consider that before you start something like that. If you cant afford it, dont start it! But writing these letters is ridculous and doesnt leave a good impression. And when it is such a small number of customers who do that why making such a big deal? Just let them do what they want to. I would also do that, why should I pay for charging elsewhere when I could have it for free (I paid for it with buying the car anyway)?!

          • CDspeed says:

            I do agree that Tesla shouldn’t have made a big deal out of Super Charger abuse, they should have anticipated it. I too have driven the Model S, I’ve had it up to 120 mph, to me it feels more like an electric BMW, then BMW’s own electric car. And don’t say copied iPad like they ripped off Apple, touch screens are everywhere now made by a variety of companies it’s not like they just mounted an iPad to the dashboard. I do agree the interior isn’t quite up to BMW standards, but I also can’t expect perfection from a new company. They do have sport seats available now that they call second generation seats, and you can see that they are improving interior quality. As new generations of Tesla hit the market I’d expect the interior will improve, the interior in the 95 BMW 740i I learned to drive in wouldn’t even pass for a 3-Series interior these days.

  3. steven75 says:

    If this car is launched with only a hydrogen-powered option I will not only not have any interest in it, but I will be extremely concerned that BMW has lost the plot, so to speak.

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