Cadillac has been in need for an SUV to take on the space occupied by the BMW X5 and Audi Q7 for a while now. It’s SRX is a bit on the smallish side and can’t seat seven passengers, like the X5 and Q7. It’s also a bit underpowered and outmatched in terms of luxury. So something needed to be done, a new model needed to be created. So Cadillac has come up with the all-new, seven passenger XT5.

This isn’t that new, as the Cadillac XT5 was caught driving around New York without camouflage on a while back. But Cadillac has just officially leaked some pictures via Twitter, so it’s worth bringing up again.


It’s a decently handsome car, the XT5, with its massive grille and squinty angular headlights. I particularly like the light bars that stem from the headlights down into the fog lights. It gives the XT5 a bit of a familiar face, similar to the CTS and ATS. It is a bit boring, though, aside from that. The grille is quite large but uneventful, as it just features a bunch of horizontal bars and a Cadillac symbol at the top. Even in profile, there isn’t much to distinguish the XT5 as anything more than a GM-sourced SUV. If it had Buick badges on it, no one would question it.

We’ve yet to see the interior, but I’m assuming it’s going to be similar to other Caddy interiors lately, which is to say not very good. The CTS’ interior isn’t bad, neither is the ATS’, but they’re both boring. The new CT6 is supposed to change everything, but after seeing it at the NYIAS, it’s not really all that special. Cadillac needs serious help in this department and I’m hoping that the XT5 is much improved.

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I’m sure the new Cadillac XT5 will drive well and be powerful and comfortable, like every other Cadillac. But it just seems so vanilla. In some of the original pictures of the XT5, there are people standing next to it and barely even noticing it being there. Which is exactly what I’m talking about. If that was a brand new Range Rover that had never been seen before, people would be going crazy. Hell, if it was a current Range Rover that people see a million times a day, it’d be getting more attention that the XT5. Unfortunately, it’s just a boring looking SUV that is hopefully more exciting to drive than it is to look at. Here’s to hoping, Cadillac.

[Photos by Sam Weintraub]