1989 BMW Z1 for sale: Perfect Autumn sports car

BMW Z | September 5th, 2015 by 1
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Summer is ending and Autumn is on its way. The leaves will start to change soon and Pumpkin Spice will be the flavor of literally everything within a month. But despite the change to all of the pumpkin-flavored foods (I’ll admit, I like the coffee), this is a great time to be a car enthusiast. Driving down twisty tree-covered roads as the multi-colored leaves fall around you is one of the best driving experiences you can experience.

Such an experience is amplified in a convertible sports car. The top down, the sound of an engine, the sight of the changing leaves and a gear level in hand. That’s proper motoring. If you share the sentiment, but don’t have a drop-top sports car and have rather deep pockets, then we’ve got the perfect car for you — This immaculate 1989 BMW Z1.

1989 bmw z1 for sale

The BMW Z1 is one of the rarest BMW convertibles of all time, with only 8,000 produced. The Z1’s signature dish was its unique door design. The two doors slide down into the chassis to allow ingress, as opposed to opening outward, like normal cars. The purpose of this design escapes me, however, its silliness makes it that much better. Who wouldn’t want hilarious doors like that?

But ridiculous doors aside, the BMW Z1 was a great car in and of itself. With a bespoke chassis, plastic body panels and the same 2.5 liter I6 engine and 5-speed manual gearbox from the E30 325i, the BMW Z1 was extremely light and fun to drive. It also had a bespoke multi-link “Z-Axle” rear suspension. Very cool stuff.

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This particular Z1 is a 1989 model, the first year they were produced, and only has 22,000 miles on it. So, basically, this silly roadster is barely broken in. Its Toprot red color and interior that seems to be a mix of black leather and cloth both seem to be in excellent condition and look fantastic together. Those seats are also some the coolest I’ve seen on an old BMW. I also particularly like the red tach needle, which is just another unique little quirk of the Z1.


This model seems a bit pricey, at $59,991, but it was imported from the UK and is only one of 8,000. I’ve also never seen one this clean and untouched before. So, even though it’s expensive, this car would be perfect for the BMW collector that wants some incredibly fun drop-top motoring. Not many cars have the ability to put smiles on faces with their hilarity. This BMW Z1 has that ability. Driving a BMW Z1 with the top down, doors down and I6 engine note in your ear while the brown, red and yellow leaves fall is worth a lot more than $60 large. Especially while drinking a pumpkin spice coffee.