When BMW released the 4 Series, the midsize coupe garnered a lot of attention from BMW fans around the world. The brand-new coupe version of the 3 Series quickly received high praises for its design and sportiness, and positively impacted the global BMW sales. It also provided owners with a test bed for a lot of aftermarket parts.

This BMW 4 Series has been upgraded with a set of aftermarket custom wheels from Vossen Wheels. Finished in a gold color, the five-spoke wheels look fashionable on this vehicle and provide that small touch that matches the car’s sporty character.

BMW 4 Series On Vossen Forged VPS 303 Wheels 4 750x500

The Alpine White BMW 4 Series is a stylishly designed vehicle on its own and the owner will enjoy plenty of attention wherever he takes it.

You can find more images of this BMW 4 Series project in the media gallery below.

BMW 4 Series On Vossen Forged VPS 303 Wheels 3 750x500

BMW 4 Series On Vossen Forged VPS-303 Wheels