Apple iCar might use BMW i3 technology

Rumors | July 24th, 2015 by 3
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Apple’s potential future self-driving car is the talk of the month. The Cupertino-based company has been making high-profile hires from within the automotive industry and it’s said to have assembled a 1,000 person team to work on the futuristic, and uncharacteristic for Apple, car.

Earlier this year, the rumormill churn out that BMW and Apple are in-talks for a potential partnership, but the Bavarians were quick to kill those claims refraining to say that the talks revolve around software collaboration for infotainment systems.

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Today, Manager Magazine in Germany cites sources saying that BMW could play a crucial role in the development of the Apple car. Apple is supposedly interested in the carbon fiber construction of the i3 electric car. Just like the i3, the Apple car is rumored to be equipped with a purely electric drive.

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Although the first negotiations were broken off, Apple and the BMW Group are still in talks, but BMW is said to be reluctant to share its carbon fiber technology with a car that could become a competitor in the premium EV market.

Apple has a history of bringing premium products to market after its competitors, a strategy that has paid off over the years.