BMW 3 Series long wheelbase LCI gets spied

Spy Photos | July 14th, 2015 by 0
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It’s not news that the current F30 3 Series will be getting BMW’s usual LCI treatment. We’ve known about this for quite some time. With the LCI comes new headlights, taillights, some interior bits and new engines. So far, we knew this update was going to be happening to the sedan and wagon variants. Well, thanks to some spy shots, we now know it will also be happening to the long-wheelbase Chinese market variant as well.

Some spy shots were taken of the 3 Series LWB on a motorway, wearing camouflage on both the front and rear end. You can tell that this is the LWB version, and not the standard sedan, by the extension of the Hofmeister kink, a touch only the LWB has.

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So the LWB 3er should be receiving the same headlights and taillights as the rest of the gang. I’m also assuming that powertrain options will be updated as well.

This is interesting news, as the long-wheelbase 3 Series is also the bases of the 3 Series Gran Turismo. There haven’t been any spy shots or official pictures of an LCI 3 Series GT, but if the long-wheelbase variant will be getting the treatment, it’s pretty safe to say that the GT will as well. This is good news, as the 3 Series GT’s only real issue is its styling. It’s actually quite the practical and useful vehicle, and its longer wheelbase gives it a better ride, but can be a bit ungainly looking. So updating its looks will help make a practical package a bit more desirable.

BMW 3 Series long wheelbase LCI image 563x750

No word, yet, on when the LWB 3 Series LCI will roll out. Judging by the fact that spy shots are just starting to surface, one can assume that it will take some time after the sedan and wagon LCIs make their debut. The 3 Series LWB is a somewhat forgotten car here in the ‘States and even in Europe. China is its biggest market, as the Chinese value backseat space over all else, and it’s also one of BMW’s biggest markets. So this LCI of the LWB 3 Series should help the overall 3 Series lineup sales. Hopefully, the LWB version gets a bit better looking and those looks are transferred over to the 3 Series GT.