Are Shooting Brakes Dead?

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Most car enthusiasts are big fans of the wagons. To enthusiasts, sporty wagons are probably the best combination of things that a car can have. They’re reasonably fast, fun to drive and have loads of practicality. The only real issue with wagons is that they aren’t the prettiest of vehicles. This is where the Shooting Brake comes in.

A Shooting Brake is usually a sort of sporty looking wagon. Shooting Brakes are largely better looking than their wagon counterparts and are usually sportier to drive as well. They originated as vehicles that gentlemen would use to load up with weapons and go for a hunt.

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Rendering BMW M6 Shooting Brake

This has since changed and they’re mostly just sporty wagons now. The most common example of the Shooting Brake would be the Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake.

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With its steeply raked roof and striking good looks, the CLS Shooting Brake was one of the best looking practical cars on the road. I say was because we’ve recently discovered that Mercedes-Benz is dropping the Shooting Brake from the wagon lineup.

A car that was sold only in the European market, the CLS Shooting Brake will now no longer be sold in any market. It’s slightly upsetting, as the CLS Shooting Brake was one of Mercedes’ most interesting cars, especially in AMG spec. It was great looking, fun, fast and practical. But the main reason why it’s upsetting is that it was probably the last Shooting Brake to have been made.


Shooting Brakes are a thing of the past, it seems. Mercedes seemed to be the only company crazy enough to make one. Wagons themselves are a dying breed, so making an aggressive looking wagon isn’t really a smart business move. The only big, fast remaining Shooting Brake I can think of is the Ferrari FF and that costs as much as a medium sized house. So, it seems as if Shooting Brakes may not be in the cards for us much longer, especially if you live in North America, where you have better chances of going on a date with Margot Robbie than buying a Shooting Brake.

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Hopefully, some car company in the future has the courage to make another one. With the growing demand for crossovers, this seems unlikely. But one can hope. I’ve always wished for a BMW M6 Gran Coupe Shooting Brake, as that would probably be the best car in the world if it were made. But that seems highly unlikely to happen. I hope Shooting Brakes aren’t dead, but it seems like Mercedes might have just killed off the last of them. In the meantime, we’ll have to just drive wagons and cute little crossovers. Joy.