What models should BMW build?

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Staying relevant. That’s the bottom line in many businesses and especially in the automotive industry. For the most part, BMW has stayed relevant in the …

Staying relevant. That’s the bottom line in many businesses and especially in the automotive industry. For the most part, BMW has stayed relevant in the last decade and overcame the challenging recession while continuing to innovate in many segments, or launch new ones.

BMW’s competitors have also pushed ahead and launched many new compelling products that could give BMW a headache down the road. Some pundits have already begun asking if BMW has lost its way and what would it take to get back on track — what design and technology, what models…

So we decided to take a look at the competition as a source of inspiration for BMW cars that we would love to see on the road:

1. Porsche 911

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The granddaddy of all sports cars, the epitome of a daily driver sports car — this is the 911. Unfortunately, even though the BMW i8 is a remarkable machine, it still lacks in some areas, like track handling and explosive performance.

BMW could certainly use a car with an i8 design and a 911 sportiness.

2. Audi S4/S5

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The upcoming BMW 340i and the 440i will match the respective Audi S-models in terms of power. But as far as design, the sporty S4/S5 will have the edge. The rumormill churned out that an M Performance Automobile based on the 3 and 4 Series will follow, but BMW has yet to confirm the rumors

The M340i and M440i will provide ample power, handling and appeal.

3. Tesla Model S


The technology is there, now if only BMW would bring already a Tesla competitor to the market. Give the car a lightweight chassis, a decent size platform, lots of batteries, premium materials and driving dynamics, and Tesla’s bosses will have plenty to worry about.

4. Mercedes-Benz CLA


The Benz CLA sells like crazy. It’s quickly becoming the bread and butter for the Stuttgart-based automaker and BMW has yet to launch a competitor. A 2 Series Coupe with four-doors and a sloppy roof is an option, or even the upcoming 1 Series Sedan, as long as it gets decent performance from that front-wheel drive platform.

5. Mercedes-Benz GL


The seven-seater GL is also a great seller for Benz and BMW won’t have an answer until 2018 when the X7 rolls off the production line in Spartanburg. Currently, the larger Mercedes-Benz GL Class offers more space and utility than the X5, accompanied by the better offroad capabilities, so a competitor is needed. Now more than ever.

6. Ferrari California


BMW has quite a few great convertibles, but none of them are in the same league as the California. The BMW i8 Spyder, with a metal folding roof, a 2+2 seating arrangement and around 600 horsepower, could be the answer. Does BMW really need this one? Probably not, but it would be an exciting car, nonetheless.

7. Jaguar F-Type


BMW needs to return the BMW Z4M! Plain and simple! Give it a bit more passenger room, add 600+ horsepower engines and ensure that the M engineers had plenty of time to fine tune it, and you will have a winner in your hands. A niche car, of course, but a fun one to drive, for sure.

26 responses to “What models should BMW build?”

  1. Icebreakerr says:


  2. Rob K says:

    Hatchbacks in the U.S.

  3. Icebreakerr says:

    8 series luxury big coupe

  4. PHZ says:

    All wheel drive M5/M6

  5. Anthony J Daquino says:

    A “Z-car” in the Z3 tradition: Simple, lightweight, AFFORDABLE. As someone who has purchased 3 “Z-cars” all new (1998 Z3, 2002 Z4, and my current ride a 2006 Z4) I see BMW making the same mistake that Mazda did with thr RX-7: In the 1980s the RX-7 was the best selling 2-seat sports car in the USA. (I had purchased 2 of them). Then in 1990 they “upgraded” it and increased the price by almost 50%. Sales plummeted and the model was discontinued a few years later. This is what is happening to the Z4. Produce a “Z-car” in the Z3 tradition (and with Z3 inflation-adjusted price points) and sales will return.

  6. steven75 says:

    The only volume car here that matters is the Model S. Why BMW has a whole “i” division without a Tesla fighter is completely beyond me.

    • Rad Dockery says:

      Good point!

    • Vanja Kljaic says:

      Something I’ve been vocally supporting for months now! Specially as we consider that the tech is there, no doubt about it!

      • steven75 says:

        They could make a Tesla competitor that weighs 1,000 lbs less due to their superior CFRP (vs Tesla aluminum) and off to the races…

        However BMW (any every other car manufacturer in the world) is going to have to take software a lot more seriously to catch Tesla there. I have my doubts this will EVER happen from the old guard. You have to embed software deeply into your company core culture.

  7. Seven23 says:

    A nissan GT-R rival !!

  8. Darko says:

    Build Tesla model 3 competitor, there is a huge demand for it. it shouldn’t be difficult – all tesla patents are free and available…

    • Tom says:

      And they are not useful for a company which can do way better..

    • Vanja Kljaic says:

      This really depends. The current BMW 3 Series vehicles that are mostly seen in European terms and on roads come with a rather efficient diesel variant. There is a need for an electric, but I don’t think its there yet. Specially considering pricing for now!

  9. Rad Dockery says:

    A Tesla competitor is key.. and vital. The 2017 5 Series E should be that car.

  10. Max says:

    A comparison to Ferrari? Seriously? We are talking about BMW here right? This is unfair. Of course they make amazing cars, the best ones from all premium brands to me, but they still do mass production more or less, and not hand built individual like Ferrari does. Even if it would be nice to see a comparable car, this is impossible!
    Further, why is everyone talking about Tesla? They are such a small brand and not even close to be called as a “car manufacturer”, when they want to step out their niche they will get in big trouble. Its easy to start in that niche yes, but when it comes to dealer network, service, after sales etc etc. they are far far behind. As soon as battery technology will improve and all real manufacturers come with more milage or more plug in hybrids they will disappear sometime when they don’t move. Who wants a 4600lb+ car with cheap interior and cheap copied ipad ui for almost 90k? Blind people maybe…but not BMW fans.
    Although the rumored i5 will go in this segment I guess, so why do you worry?
    X7 is already in process.
    Why do you need a 2 series GC? Cant get it. Get your self a 3er!

    So what should they build in my opinion?
    1: A supercar, based on the i8 – to show the ultimate driving machine!
    2: 8 series, based on the new 7 (S-Coupe competitor)
    3: Z4 successor is in line, I think this will be a very nice little beast, lets hope ;)

    • Vanja Kljaic says:

      I will only reply to the Ferrari info you added, specially as you consider my point being that BMW needs a supercar/hypercar. The fact remains that many of us would love to see a BMW Convertible with 2+2 seating, capable of duking it out with the best of them. While historically, BMW has produced powerful vehicles brushing aside with the requirements we added earlier (power, size and design) they haven’t done so recently at all in any way. Something that has straight line speed, is fun in corners (doesn’t necessarily need to be the fastest around the track), has a nice sound note to it and produces memorable dynamics while driving as well.

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