Six Locations Around Munich For An European Delivery Trip

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The experience of buying a new car and having it delivered just a few kilometers away from its birthplace is an unforgettable experience. Thankfully BMW offers an European Delivery Program which allows you be immersed in this experience.

Our editor-in-chief,  Horatiu, picked-up three BMWs in Munich and swears by the program and the lifetime experience that comes with it. For years, we have been huge advocates of the program and in our opinion, it’s the best way to be introduced to the brand.

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BMW is not the only European brand offering the delivery program. Mercedes, Audi and Porsche are the other three German automakers that lure attract their customers with similar programs. Volvo is the only Scandinavian automaker that still offers an European Delivery program.

So you ordered the car, picked it up in Munich at the BMW Welt  and now you’re ready to hit the road, but what locations should you visit if you’d like to stay around Munich?

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The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is to take the car to the Autobahn and see how fast it goes. After all, some particular stretches of the much famed motorways in Germany are unrestricted when it comes speed. But shouldn’t you care about the break-in period of the car? Many swear by a proper break-in that will prolong the car’s life, so in this case, a full speed approach on the Autobahn might have to wait.

Therefore, we’ve done our research and found six locations around Munich you simply need to visit. The whole trip should take less than 300 kilometers of driving each day, providing ample time to stop and enjoy the great scenery.

1. Marienplatz


The center square. If you want some city driving, taking the road to the center of Munich will put you through a three-lane urban motorway packed with a few tunnels, curvy stretches and an impressive city scenery. Park your car in a garage near Marienplatz, walk around first and then enjoy some of Bavaria’s most famous beers. Get a few Bavarian sausages with mustard and a few more beers, and call it a day.

2. Garmisch Partenkirchen


While the road to Garmisch Partenkirchen is a straightforward four lane motorway (for the most part), the last 15-20 miles are a picture perfect showcase of Alpine scenery and roads. The tourist city is one of the most well-know Alpine resorts which ones hosted the Winter Olympic sports. It offers unprecedented opportunities for photos and spirited driving of your brand new BMW overall. The add bonus? The autobahn towards this Alpine gem is also on some parts perfectly unrestricted as well.

3. Road To Innsbruck


When driving to Austria, you have essentially two options: through the often congested motorways or through beautiful and curvy back roads. The twisty route to Tirol’s capitol, Innsbruck, is more than perfect for testing the driving dynamic abilities of your vehicle, and the brakes system as well. There isn’t much traffic and it’s best to take it during summer months. The view is spectacular and you will have a hard time keeping your eyes on the road during your trip. For anyone that likes to take their cars to the limits, this is one heck of a road to take.

4. Innsbruck – Grossglockner Pass – Brenner Pass – Innsbruck


Driving from Innsbruck and covering the Grossglockner Pass and Brenner Pass is something mandatory for any petrolhead. While these two connect completely separate parts of the country, we recommend traversing both and enjoying the Alpine scenery, together with some of the best driving roads in the world. Silky smooth road surface and gorgeous summer scenery — this is what both the Grossglockner Pass and Brenner Pass are all about.


5. Innsbruck to Graz through Salzburg and Tauern Pass combined with local roads


From Innsbruck, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, through Salzburg and the Alpine resorts of the small towns, all the way to Graz, the small Austrian cities offers so much in terms of culture, eating, art, events and fun. The trip will be about 300 kilometers, all achievable in one day.


6. Graz to Croatian coast


While I may be a bit biased, the idea behind this trip is simple: combining high-quality motorways, great mountain scenery and one of the most beautiful sea coasts. The epic coastal roads will make enjoy your BMW even more.

Finish your European Delivery experience with a weekend trackday at the nearby Grobnik race track or simply soak your feet in the Adriatic Sea, and you will remember this trip forever.


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Images: Air shot of BMW Welt by Curlmedia, Marienplatz by Mike Steele, Garmisch Partenkirchen by Matt Black, Innsbruck by the author, Grossglockner by Sang Yun Lee, Innsbruck city life by Costel Slincu, Austrian road by Ben Ramirez, Zagreb image by Godex, Cvjetni Trg image by Pero Kvrzica, Krk image by Mario Fajt, Krk image by Kunstee.