Report: BMW Z2 canceled

Rumors | June 13th, 2015 by 9
bmw z2 rendering 750x500

The BMW Z2 saga continues. Over the last couple of years, the Z2 topic surfaced every few months in reports mentioning either the cancellation or rebirth of BMW’s alleged small roadster. Now according to Car Magazine, the Z2 has been once again put on ice.

The UK magazine says that the new BMW management and CEO blame the sluggish sports car sales and the rise of premium SUVs as the main reason for axing the Z2 project.

Furthermore, the reports says the BMW bosses are putting each and every future project under scrutiny.

bmw z2 rendering 1 750x450

The Z2 was meant to be a Mazda MX-5 fighter, a small, open-top sports car with a soft top. It was a back-to-basics BMW: two seats only, a simple engine choice of three- and four-cylinder engines and a front-wheel drive.

BMW’s Z2 was to be part of the the new generation of cars using the cost-effective UKL platform.

The estimated price around for the Z2 was to be set around £20,000-£25,000.