BMW i8 drowns in Thailand

BMW i | June 8th, 2015 by 6
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Unfortunately more and more BMW i8s are being involved in somewhat usual fender-bender collisions, like this i8 seen below which got rear ended by what seems to be a Nissan Sentra. Yet nothing breaks out heart more than this Crystal White BMW i8 spotted in Thailand while drowning in a flood. No details on the type of damages on the i8, but likely there will be some considering how high the water is.

The limited production of i8 models has turned the hybrid sportscar into a highly-sought model which commends respect on the street and attracts the most casual photographers. With a price tag of around $140,000, the i8 is expected to at least hold its value in the years to come, if not actually appreciate in monetary value. But with any collision or in this case a flood, a hit on the selling price is expected.

In some cases, a total loss by the insurance companies would be the best way to proceed, but considering the high price tag, that might be a tough battle to win.

Our hearts go to you, BMW i8!

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