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I wanted to share with you my first experiences driving the new electric car from BMW, the i3, and a Specialized Crux. I’ll have the i3 with me at the races this weekend too, full of bikes, wheels, and gear.

Drove it on a rainy day to a favorite ride near North Bend, WA.

Topped of the batteries first.

Then arrived at Iron Horse State Park ready with tool roll, bottle, and harder rain.



A Crux with CX-1, Hydro, and Zipp Discs was in the back of the i3 ready to ride.



At one point during the ride, a leaf fell in front of the bike and was caught by the tire before hitting the ground.


Iron Horse State Park includes a rails to trails path that climbs over Snoqualmie pass.


Waterfalls and brown leaves.


Laid the bike down, so it could soak more of the dampness in.


Another waterfall, this time facing East.


Packed the Crux back into the i3 for the drive back.


Battery getting low, but 62 miles of range on the range-extending internal-combustion engine.


Trip so far.


Charge for an hour, costs $2.00, and added another 21 miles of battery range.


While charging in Issaquah, edited photos with a taco and beer.

Level 2 chargers are numerous and available on the plateau. After an hour charge, had enough battery to get home to Seattle, and with just a few miles on the range extender.


Cuts You Up on the Bluetooth and in Eco Pro+ mode.


Total trip: 103 miles, $2.00 in electricity, a great ride, and about a shot glass of gas used by the range extender.


First Impressions


The i3 start stalk fascinates me. A design statement that says this isn’t an ordinary car. Pay attention to this it’s different.

As the manual says

Driving away…

1. Switch on drive readiness
2. Apply the brake and engage selector position D or R
3. Release the parking brake
4. Depress the accelerator pedal to drive away.

And it runs mostly silent with zero emissions.

The Crux and i3 get along great. As a car produced with so much new technology, I’m sure I’ll find some bugs and will share those insights in an upcoming feature, after I drive it to more rides.