BMW i3 Tear-Down Videos

BMW i, Videos | May 5th, 2015 by 1
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Engineering firm Munro & Associates specializes in disassembling new cars and analyzing them. The information gathered from the reverse engineering process is sold to anyone who is interested to learn about electric vehicles, and in this case, BMW’s jewel. Earlier this year, the Detroit-based company performed a tear-down of a BMW i3 electric car to analyze its construction and components.

Now, the company launches three new videos focusing on the i3’s carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) construction, lithium-ion battery pack, and interior construction. The video reveals that BMW has nailed the production process and thanks to the CFRP parts, the i3 an roll off the assembly line much faster than any car built with the same components.

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BMW also rocks at the adhesive use to attach the CFRP components to the body structure; Munro says the adhesive is stronger than CFRP itself.

Munro also touts that BMW can roll off the i3 in 5 minutes.

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Munro corroborates what BMW i engineers have told us: the battery can be easily removed for maintenance or replacement, and it’s formed of individual cells that can also be replaced.

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Tooling costs for the i3 are estimated at $120 million, compared to $450 million for a traditional car, Munro said.

Here are the videos:

[Source: GCR]