Which dead BMW would you like to see revived most?

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Many of BMWs greatest cars are some of its rarest as well. Some of them having never sat on an assembly line, like the M8 supercar we recently talked about. The M1 is an icon that was far too short-lived, the Z1 is a plucky little roadster with the most outrageous doors yet it is a unicorn and even James Bond’s Z8 went out with a bang and a fizzle. These cars are all great cars for their different quirks and oddities and the thing they all have in common is that they left us too soon, or never came to us at all.

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This isn’t an uncommon thing, as car companies are constantly letting their engineers come up with zany ideas only to have them squashed by the bean counters. Or sometimes a car will make it through to the public, only to sell poorly and be sent to the scrapyard. It’s a very common thing, actually. The thing that stands out about BMWs lost cars, however, is the quality of them. I mean, the Z8 is such a fantastic looking car, one that drives so well and even has silver-screen pedigree. It’s a shame that the Z8 didn’t last longer and there was no successor.

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The Z1, whose doors are a sure thing to make someone laugh, is such a cool looking roadster with the bones of a Z3, so you know it’ll drive great. Despite it’s plucky character however, BMW only produced 8,000 in total. That makes them rarer than catching Kim Kardashian doing charity work. This is a shame, because seeing someone drive by in a convertible that seems to be missing doors would brighten anyone’s day.


The M1’s lack of success had more to do with finances, and some bad luck for BMW, than anything else. It’s still a shame, though, because what BMW introduced with the M1, was a supercar that could truly be used everyday. Plus it had a 3.5 liter Motorsport tuned I6 mounted in the middle and a Giugiaro-styled body. Cars don’t get much better than that.


The M8 supercar suffered a similar fate, being so over engineered that it was impossible to justify the cost of making. The M8 would’ve set the automotive world on fire, but BMW’s money-men just couldn’t see the justification for it. Sad.

The one good thing to take away from all of this, is that BMW is absolutely mad. The folks in Munich love to make their wildest automotive dreams come to fruition and build some of the strangest/weirdest/greatest cars on Earth. It’s the wild ambition to create simply for the sake of creating that makes BMW such a wonderful company. Hopefully the mad scientists over in Munich will never stop.

Which dead BMW would you like to see revived most?