eBay Find: Alpina B6 2.7 for sale

Car Tips, Interesting | May 2nd, 2015 by 0
Alpina B6 2.7 750x464

Last week, we took a look at a very rare, Japanese-spec, 1991 Alpina B12. Based on the E31 8 Series, the B12 was a gorgeous car. The particular model we looked at was in fantastic condition, had a V12 engine, an automatic transmission and leather seats, which drove the price up quite high, to the tune of $75,000. Well today, ironically enough, we’re going to look at another Japanese-spec Alpina, however, this one is quite a bit cheaper and even more desirable.

It seems that everyone’s favorite 3 Series of all time, or at least most people’s, is the E30. Aside from the famous M3, the E30 was a fantastic little coupe or sedan, with lightweight driving dynamics. So why not make it even better?

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Well that’s exactly what Alpina set out to do with the E30 B6 2.7. The B6 2.7 started life as a BMW 325i, but had its engine tuned to put out 204 hp and 195 lb-ft of torque. While not outrageous numbers, it’s certainly enough power to motivate the little sedan or coupe to 60 mph in 7.1 seconds. That was quick in the ‘80s. It also had a tuned suspension, better brakes and some lovely Alpina livery for both the exterior and interior.

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This particular model is a Japanese 1986 model Alpina B6 2.7 liter with 77,000 miles on it. It’s green and wears the typical Alpina gold striping, and looks absolutely excellent. The body is in immaculate condition. It has just the right ride height and those lovely Alpina wheels. It also is sporting slotted rotors and Pirelli P7 tires. Nice.

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The interior is cloth, but features Alpina’s classic grey, blue and green color scheme and looks fantastic. Much like the body, the interior is in incredible shape for its age, with very little signs of wear. I love the chunky steering wheel, wood shift knob and the cool Alpina digital readout for engine temp and such, built into the center air vent. It features power locks, windows and sunroof. The seats are manual, but they do feature extra thigh support and look very supportive. Plus that blue and green Alpina stripe going down them looks the business.

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This particular B6 2.7 is especially good value. At $30,000 you’d be getting a very clean, very well taken care of, unmolested, Alpina tuned E30 3 Series for much less than an equally clean E30 M3. Plus this Alpina isn’t far off the M3, in terms of performance and, at least to me, is a bit more special. It’s left hand drive, so driving it in the ‘States would be easy, and it’s a Japanese mode, so it didn’t have the power-sapping US emissions regulations slapped onto it. This is a great car for a fair price and one any BMW enthusiast would love to have.

You can find the eBay listing here.