Rare 1991 BMW Alpina E31 B12 5.0 for sale

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Recently, we spoke about BMW’s supercar that never was, the BMW M8. Based on the 8 Series, a luxurious, fast grand tourer, BMW developed the M8, a skunkworks supercar which never went on sale. The M8 was a masterpiece of engineering, with an engine rivaling only the McLaren F1’s S70/2 engine in terms of quality and performance. All BMW fans are saddened by just the mention of the M8, as it reminds them of a wonderful machine that the world will never get to see.

However, if you are upset over the lack of development of the M8, and would like to buy something similar, I think I can provide an example of something that will suffice. It may not be an M8, but it’s the closest thing to it. An ALPINA B12 5.0 Coupe.

alpina b12 5 7  e31  12 750x563

Developed in 1990, the B12 was an ALPINA tuned version of the E31 8 Series BMW. Using the 5.0 liter V12 found in the 850i, the B12 was tuned to make 350 hp and hit 60 mph in 6.8 seconds. Though the real time is probably lower, considering the German’s penchant for underrating their vehicles. ALPINA also did its usual tuning to the suspension and brakes, as well as fitting those classic ALPINA wheels as well as the usual color scheme.

1991 BMW Alpina E31 B12 5.0 750x563

This particular model is a 1991 model year and Japanese Spec. It was imported to the U.S. and is legal. It’s in Diamond Schwarz Metallic, wearing Schwarz Nappa leather interior with the usual ALPINA colored stitching. This model also has a 5-Speed automatic and wood grain trim. The 8 Series was always an excellent looking car, but this ALPINA B12 really sends the looks over the top. Those ALPINA wheels are a thing of beauty on the B12 and I love the subtle gold graphics down the sides and slightly tinted marker lights. This B12 is a particularly menacing looking thing, with that long hood and downward sloping nose.

1991 BMW Alpina E31 B12 5.00image

Did I mention that this B12 only has 28,000 original miles on it? That’s good for a two year old car, nonetheless a 24 year old one. It’s barely been broken in at this point. Admittedly the price is a bit steep at $75,000, but it’s well worth it to someone who can afford it as this B12 is a rare thing of beauty. It may not be an M8, but it seems like it could be the closest thing we’ll ever see. Aside from the ALPINA B12 5.7, that is. But good luck finding one of those.