1983 635CSI can be had for $2,800

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1983 635CSI

We, here at BMWBLOG, have spoken at great length about the joys of the shark nosed 6 Series of the ‘80s. It was such a …

We, here at BMWBLOG, have spoken at great length about the joys of the shark nosed 6 Series of the ‘80s. It was such a great looking and iconic touring car. It handled far better than you would think just by looking at it, it had great inline-six engines and was comfortable enough to cross country borders in great leaps and bounds. The original 6er was an amazing car, and is still highly desired to this day.

Being that it’s still so sought after, I come bearing good news. One of these wonderful looking 6 Series is currently on sale for the great price of $2,800. The deal gets even sweeter when you throw in the fact that this particular 6er is a 1983 635CSI version. The 635CSI had a 3.5 liter straight-six engine, making 218 hp, and was paired to a close-ratio 5-Speed manual gearbox. This enabled the 635CSI to hit 60 mph in around 8 seconds. That was considered very quick in 1983.

1983 635CSI for sale

The year also plays an important part in the ride and handling department as well. In 1983, the E24 6 Series switched chassis, but not bodies, from the E12 5 Series chassis to the E28 5 Series’. This is a very important switch, as the E28 is one of the best chassis’ of the era. So being that this particular model is built on the E28 chassis means it’s the better handling version.

1983 635CSI image 1

This one seems to be in pretty good shape, and features a Euro Reiger Body Kit. Overall the body looks great and there doesn’t seem to be any rust or other damage. The interior is a bit beat up but that’s mostly the fault of the Maserati seats that the previous owner installed. However, that’s to be expected from seats out of a Maserati built before 2008. Other than the seats, however, the interior isn’t too shabby. It needs a good clean and maybe some touch-ups here and there, but overall is in nice shape for a 32 year old car.

1983 635CSI-image

The owner says it runs well and that he put over $2,000 worth of parts into it. We all know that doesn’t mean anything, but if they’re telling the truth this could be a good deal. The owner doesn’t specify the mileage, but those old straight-six engines last forever if taken care of. Even still, the price is so low, and can get even lower with some negotiations, that it really doesn’t matter. This car is a classic and one that can provide years of enjoyment if restored a bit and taken care of properly. It may need a little TLC, but it seems to be worth it.

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