Best Driving Shoes

Lifestyle | April 19th, 2015 by 2
PUMA BMW Chrono Delta Lo 750x500

As car enthusiasts, we love our driving gear. A good pair of sunglasses, cool leather jackets, a pair of driving gloves and cool driving shoes …

As car enthusiasts, we love our driving gear. A good pair of sunglasses, cool leather jackets, a pair of driving gloves and cool driving shoes are just some of the things us car enthusiasts like to have to make driving our favorite cars that much better. We’ve discussed driving gloves, and the like, on here before and the general consensus with all types of driving gear is that too flashy or excessive can look foolish, while the right style can look very cool.

One piece of driving gear that can actually help with driving is the driving shoe. It may sound silly, but certain shoes are better for driving in than others. Connection and feel to the pedal is important, especially when driving a car with three pedals. Too clunky of a shoe can disrupt quick shifting and heel-and-toeing, making driving quickly that much more difficult. The same problem may arise if the sole of the shoe is too thickly padded, thus numbing the feel of the pedals. Pedal grip is important, which is why high-end cars have aluminum pedals with little grips on them, and why certain similar pedal upgrades exist for most cars. But instead of buying new pedals of every car you own, a change in footwear will do the trick.

There are hundreds of different driving shoes out there, some more hardcore than others. There are even some regular shoes and sneakers that are actually quite good for driving in. So let’s take a look at some good driving shoes, both specific driving shoes and just regular shoes that’ll work as well.

PUMA Suede Ferrari Edition

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The PUMA Suede is a classic and has been around for ages now. It’s such a simple, yet good looking, shoe that should be a staple of every wardrobe. PUMA has also worked with Ferrari on a number of different shoes, with none of them ever looking so great. But Now PUMA has linked its famous Suede line with the famous Italian exotic maker and it’s a homerun. One of my favorite things about the Ferrari Edition Suede is the fact that it doesn’t scream Ferrari. Aside from the tiny Prancing Horse by the heel, which is in a very inconspicuous place, they just look like red Puma Suedes. And that’s a very good thing. You can find them here.

Piloti Campione

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This is a classier side of the driving shoe. Piloti, meaning “driver” in Italian, is a very small manufacturer of racing-inspired clothing. The Campione is a driver’s shoe that can double as a classy dress shoe as well. So if you want to take a luxury car or sports car to dinner or fancy event, with the significant other, these Campione shoes will help while driving and look cool at the destination. You can buy them here.

PUMA BMW Chrono Delta Lo

PUMA BMW Chrono Delta Lo

PUMA and BMW have been partnering to make clothing and accessories for awhile now and the Chrono Delta Lo’s are the latest in sneakers from the two brands. These are a little more functional than the Ferrari Suedes, and aren’t as casual looking. But they can definitely be worn daily and not look too out of place. They do look cool, however, and I’m particularly fond of them in white, as they look like regular tennis shoes that way. Plus their rounded heel and slim rubber sole aid in fast driving and heel-and-toe action. You can buy them here.

Converse Chuck Taylor


The original, of course. Chuck Taylors have been around since 1917 and were developed as basketball sneakers. The design is largely untouched since their inception and still look excellent today. Chuck Taylors are the perfect sneaker for walking around in, dressing nice but casual, doing housework in and driving in. The slim, lightweight design is comfortable on the foot and the thin sole, while admittedly not comfortable for standing in for awhile, aids in pedal feel. Plus the grippy sole helps with slipping during aggressive heel-and-toeing. Oh, and that guy Paul Walker wore them in all the Fast and Furious movies. So there’s that. You can buy the them here.