Many advertisers are focusing their marketing efforts on the most efficient ways to engage with millennial who are known to live mostly on the Web. Car dealerships is one group who has struggled in the last few years with the social changes in the buying process and have faced challenges in attracting millennials in their showrooms.

Millennials, also known as the Millennial Generation or Generation Y, are usually individuals who reached adulthood around the turn of the 21st century.

Millennials grew up in an electronics-filled and socially-networked world. Those are the demographic group who have wholeheartedly embraced smartphones, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and pretty much any new social network out there. And recently, they are the generation that has received the most marketing attention.

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According to, tech-focused millennials are still interested in the face-to-face interaction with dealerships and the test drive of cars.

“This notion that millennials will sit off in a corner, punch some things in their phone and the next thing you know they’re driving a new car is a little fanciful,” said CEO Avi Steinlauf, for AdAge.

The Millennial Mobile Car Shopping Report says 80% of millennials used their mobile devices to aid them with at least one car-shopping task, a considerably higher percentage than the 46% for adults ages 35 and over.

Interesting enough is the fact that 64% of millennials said they prefer face-to-face interaction with dealers while 96% said it’s important to test drive a vehicle before buying. Millennials use technology to research information about the cars to a granular level like the VIN, before jumping into a test drive.

Edmunds’ report point out that 41% of millennials use their mobile devices for “critical shopping activities”, such as vehicle reviews; a trend we have seen on BMWBLOG as well. 34% of millennials also use the smartphones to locate the cars for sales, while 33% used the mobile devices to research pricing.

Those dealers who lack an mobile-version of their website should take notice: 36% of shoppers access the site via mobile devices, an indication that, to be successful, businesses have to account for and cater to mobile devices and all the implications that come with usability on small devices.

Also, about one out of every three millennials said they used their phones to find contact info for a local dealership, compared with one out of four adults age 35 and over.