A Dyno Day is when a group of owners get together to measure the power at wheels of their cars. A few days ago, a dyno day was held by European Auto Source who are known in the aftermarket industry for their tuning expertise. Among the cars that were strapped to EAS’ Dynojet, there were a bunch of M3s and M4s, a new C7 Z06 and even an i3!

A pair of brightly colored widebodies, Vorsteiner’s F82 M4 and an RWB 993, were parked out front for guests to enjoy. All the BMWs that went on the EAS Dynojet have been slightly tuned, ranging from low to high power upgrades.

Please take a look at the cars that have attended this event in the media gallery added below!

European Auto Source Dyno Day 30 750x469


European Auto Source Dyno Day 61 750x469