BMW M4 Gran Coupe – Should BMW make one?

BMW M4, Rumors | April 15th, 2015 by 14
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If a BMW M4 Gran Coupe were to be made, it would probably lost out on some performance, compared with its two-door sibling

We’ve spoken much about the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe lately, and I’ve been a large proponent of the 6er GC, claiming it to be the most beautiful car in BMW’s stable. I stand by that proclamation, as I’m sure many here will as well. The Gran Coupe is a breathtaking machine. And the M6 version is quite possibly the most desirable BMW of all. But everyone, including myself, seems to overlook the 6 Series GC’s younger sibling, the 4 Series Gran Coupe.

The 4 Series GC is forgotten by many, and it’s hard to see why. The standard 4 Series Coupe, and its M4 variant, seem to be stealing away all the attention. The M4’s polarity is understandable, as it’s an automotive rock star. But the 4 Series Coupes, are still more popular than the 4 GC, which is odd as the Gran Coupe version is the better looking, at least to these eyes.

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With the same seductive, four-door coupe styling as the 6 Series GC, the 4 Series version is absolutely gorgeous. It has all the right proportions, it’s the right size and it’s a hatchback, so it’s even practical. What more could a person want or need? Combine the stunning looks and practicality with the excellent chassis and driving dynamics of the regular 4 Series, and the 4er GC becomes a real winner.

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But the really strange part about the 4 Series Gran Coupe is the lack of an M Version. There’s an M4 Coupe and an M6 Gran Coupe, so it only makes sense that an M4 Gran Coupe would follow. One could argue that the M3 is the sedan version of the M4, but the 3 Series isn’t the sedan version of the 4 Series, the 4 Series GC is. And considering the fact that all of the tooling and R&D was already done for the M4, and the 4 Series Coupe and Gran Coupe ride on the same chassis, an M4 GC isn’t a stretch to imagine.


I could see if BMW was marketing the Gran Coupes as more of Grand Touring cars, not meant to be hardcore sports cars. But the 6 Series Gran Coupe exists and sells well. So the market for that kind of car is there. Sure, M4 Gran Coupe would be a small niche car, but since when has BMW shied away from creating another niche?


If an M4 GC were to be made, it would probably lost out on some performance, compared with its two-door sibling. This is mostly because of the added weight gain that the extra doors have. But the looks and practicality would far outweigh any performance loss. Can you imagine the aggressive aerodynamics of the M4 on the Gran Coupe body? Or the magnificent twin-turbo, 3.0 liter, 425 hp inline-six engine under the hood? I’m starting to drool already.

An M4 Gran Coupe probably wouldn’t be a dynamite seller, and could very well get lost in the already vast BMW lineup. But adding M styling and powertrains to that already gorgeous design would make such an incredibly desirable car. I’m speaking purely as a fan at the moment, as I know such a car probably wouldn’t the best financial move. But the world would be a better place with M4 Gran Coupes in it.

So please, BMW, make an M4 Gran Coupe, because we need something else to drool over.