The last generation BMW M3 is still one of the best bimmers one can buy today. Aside from its looks, the E9x M3 delivers impressive performance and exhaust sound from the award-wining V8 engine.

To refresh its slowly aging looks, many owners resort to aftermarket parts, with custom wheels being the first choice in many cases.

The owner of this BMW E92 M3 took his beautiful car to Wheels Boutique to install a set of HRE Performance Wheels. These HRE Classic 303 wheels fit the E92 M3 nicely. With a step lip and a completely classic spoke design, these make the perfect addition to the M3. Perfect fitment is achieved thanks to a careful build procedure by HRE Wheels and the wheels look tight with the fenders, giving the vehicle an improved stance.

BMW E92 M3 On HRE Classic 303 Wheels 1 750x500

The E92 M3 is the last of the naturally aspirated M cars . It’s the only M3 with a V8 and it revs to an insane 8,300 rpm. Its S65 V8 was named International Engine Of The Year from 2008-2012 in the 3.0 – 4.0 L category. Performance wise, the E92 M3’s got it too. Some magazine tests show 0 to 60 times of 3.9 seconds for the DCT-equipped models.

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BMW E92 M3 On HRE Classic 303 Wheels 3 750x500