2016 G12 7 Series – What will it be like

7 Series | April 13th, 2015 by 0
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More and more spy shots of the upcoming G12 7 Series keep arising. It feels so close yet so far, to the eventual release of the latest 7er. Many of us are chomping at the bit, just to get a look at it without camouflage.

While quite a bit of the interior has been seen already, we don’t have any idea, really, what it’s going to look like. We know that it will have the latest-gen iDrive and gesture control, along with a new steering wheel. But aside from those things, it doesn’t look all that revolutionary inside, at least from what we’ve seen.

With the latest Mercedes-Benz S-Class taking the Iron Throne of the luxury car segment, what would the G12 7 Series need to be like to take back the crown?

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The S-Class is all about luxury. The exterior looks are bland yet sophisticated and the interior is the nicest in the business without a Spirit of Ecstasy on the hood. Many have criticized the S-Class for having numb, uncommunicative steering and for not being the best handler. But the interior is so luxurious that those quibbles seem not to matter.

Should the 7er be a luxo-barge attempting to out-luxury Mercedes-Benz, or should it get back to the E38 style of 7 Series and put driving dynamics first? We already know that the G12 will be extraordinarily light and have some killer engines, so it’s a possibility that BMW is looking to create the performance car in the segment.

I’m not so sure which approach would be best, but I think it’s safe to say we’re all eager to find out.