The Remus Exhaust System for the BMW F82 M4 was recently revealed and it provides an alternative to the well-established products from Eisenmann and Akrapovic.

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The new exhaust system offers increased power to the new M3 and M4, along with enhanced looks of the quad exhaust pipes and better sound note. Furthermore, the system is lightweight, thus not affecting the overall weight of the vehicle.

European Auto Source had one of their customers bring in a Sakhir Orange BMW M4 for an exhaust upgrade and the images below give us a closer look at the final product.

Sakhir Orange BMW F82 M4 Receives A Remus Exhaust System 1 750x469

The Remus exhaust system comes with a 5mm wider stainless steel X-pipe and connecting pipe that eliminates the front silencer and secondary catalytic convertors. This deletion adds a rumble to the S55 engine and simultaneously amplifies the turbo spool to allow for a more powerful exhaust note. The rear muffler construction is inclusive of laser-cut brackets to mount the F8X M3/M4 exhaust valves and controllers from the OEM unit. This design seamlessly integrates the F8x Sport and Sport + settings with the Remus unit and allows for the dynamic valves to open based on engine RPM and the driver selected Sport mode setting.

In its factory form, the BMW M4 is powered by a 3.0l BMW TwinPower Turbo engine developing 425 horsepower. The car can thus accelerate from 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in approximately 3.8 seconds. The sound note of the stock exhaust system has been often criticized by the purists.

Sakhir Orange BMW F82 M4 Receives A Remus Exhaust System 5 750x469

The unique Remus muffler design feeds the fully adjustable slip-on rear tips which have four optional designs and sizes to customize the rear aesthetic based on your specific preference. These tips include 4x102mm angled carbon fiber with titanium internals, (4x)102mm angled chrome, (4x) 98mm non-angled black chrome with carbon insert, and (4x) non-angled stainless with carbon insert.

The BMW M4, when equipped with a Remus exhaust system, combined with a Powerizer option, churns out 533 horsepower. This is quite an increase over the stock performance figures.

For more images of this Remus exhaust system installed on the Sakhir Orange M4, please take a look at the media gallery below.

Sakhir Orange BMW F82 M4 Receives A Remus Exhaust System 2