Top 10 Best Looking Cars On The Market

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Right now is an exciting time for fans of the automobile. Never before has there been this many fantastic looking cars on the road at once. We live in an age where even KIAs look halfway decent. But as with anything, there is always a select bunch that are ahead of the pack. So let’s go through the top ten best looking cars in the business.

10. Porsche 911

The 911 has always had controversial styling. It isn’t offensive in any way, but it’s so different than anything else on the road that most people either love it or hate it. Obviously, its placing on this list shows how we feel about it. The new 991 generation looks simply fantastic. Porsche pushed the rear axle back a bit further than before, creating less of an overhang in the rear and giving it even more of a rear-engined look. The swoopy, iconic sports car look will never get old.

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9. Mercedes-Benz S Class Coupe

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One look at this car in person and you soon realize how special it is. It isn’t a very flashy design, instead it aims to be a bit more reserved and sophisticated. Yet it manages to seduce you, it instills desire. It looks powerful and elegant. It doesn’t hurt that it’s built upon the S-Class sedan, which already looks quite good, if a bit understated. That may be the best way to describe the S Class-Coupe; understated seduction.

8. Audi R8


An aging design and one that will soon be replaced, but there’s still no denying the staggering looks of the R8. It looked so exciting and revolutionary when it first debuted and it still has a bit of that excitement left in it. It manages to be angular and smooth at the same time and has that low-slung nose which gives it the impression that it’s hunting for corners. And I’d be remiss if I forgot to mention the famous side blades, which are still cool to this day and have sadly been shrunk on the new model. The new one looks great too, but the first one will always be the design icon.

7. BMW M6 Gran Coupe


All 6 Series Gran Coupe models look great, but it’s the M6 that really stands out. These cars are stunners and there’s no two ways about it. The M6 GC looks so sleek and menacing, yet still looks elegant. With that carbon fiber roof, dished rear wheels, and low-slung profile it’s possibly the best looking BMW currently on sale. It also has the rare privilege of being four-door grand tourer, something that there doesn’t seem to be much of lately. The M6 GC is a deeply coveted car of mine.

6. Ferrari 458 Italia


The infamous, and currently suspended, Jeremy Clarkson once compared the 458’s fenders to Kristin Scott Thomas’ cheekbones. Now, while she isn’t the actress that I would think of first, he does have a good point. The 458 evokes a sort of powerful feminine beauty and has a sort of sensual look to it. But of course it does, it’s a Ferrari and the Italians put sensual looks in everything they make. But the 458 is one of the better looking Ferraris in a very long time. Soon to be replaced by the 488 GTB, which looks good but not as good, the 458 Italia will be deeply missed. Oh, and it’s also the only car to have a mustache, so that’s cool too.

5. C7 Corvette Stingray


Corvette’s have never really been lookers. Fast, yes but beautiful? No. However, the new C7 look absolutely fantastic. With looks that evoke a bit of Ferrari 599, the Corvette now has the looks to go with the performance. The new taillights, which ditch the old dual circle design, look far better than before and the low-slung hood looks as menacing as ever. Now Corvette buyers can drive around in their car without having to wear a mullet.

4. Mercedes AMG GT


The AMG GT brings back old-school sports car looks. It looks like someone pulled some of the best sports car from the 50’s or 60’s, mashed them together and modernized it. There are so many classic car design elements in it; some old 911, Jag E-Type and Mercedes’ own 300SL can be seen. It’s also one of the less flashy AMG cars to date. With reserved sophisticated, yet aggressive looks that evoke sports cars of a different time, the AMG GT is one of the best looking cars on the road.

3. BMW i8


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a car quite like the i8. It looks so futuristic but accurately so. It doesn’t look out of control at all. It looks as if BMW hopped in a time machine, went 20 years into the future, stole a car design and brought it back. The i8 is one of the most refreshing and exciting car designs ever made and probably the production car that came closest to looking like its concept. Nothing on the road looks anywhere near similar to the i8 and that makes it a very special thing.

2. Aston Martin Vanquish


In typical Aston Martin fashion, the Vanquish look old-school yet modern, sophisticated yet aggressive and powerful yet understated. Not many companies can pull off sexy cars like Aston can and the Vanquish is their best yet. I love how they’ve been able to make it look so modern, with the carbon fiber front splitter and sideskirts, yet still look like an old-school Aston. They’re the only people that can make a car with that much exposed carbon fiber and without looking too flashy or immature. The Vanquish is one of the few cars you could own as a stationary object and love it just the same.

1. Jaguar F-Type


I remember the first time I saw the F-Type and I needed assistance to pick my jaw up off the floor. It doesn’t matter which version, coupe or convertible, both look spectacular. The coupe looks a little bit better in my eyes, but both are magnificent. The F-Type is the most lustful looking car on the road and has possibly the best butt. It’s so muscular and powerful yet also elegant. It’s on my short list of best looking cars of all time. If the Ferrari 250 California or Jag E-Type didn’t exist, I think it might be number one.