Product placement is a common theme in the movie industry and over the years, many BMWs were featured in smaller or larger movie titles. While some of the positive characters were seen driving a BMW of some sort, there are still many instances when the bimmers were associated with villains.

We’ve looked back in the history of film and came up with a list of 15 movie characters you can definitely categorize as villains and who we see driving BMW cars. Everyone loves a good villain, so let’s have a look.

15. Dr. Evil – The Spy Who Loved Me

While not a villain in the deepest sense of the word, his wacky personality and the desire to rule the world make him just that. Being quirky, Dr. Evil strikes me as a man who would definitely enjoy a BMW Isetta. Played by Michael Myers, this character is one of the most recognizable movie villains of all time. Just imagine him and his Mini Me, driving in an Isetta, scheming how to to make some new Earth destroying weapons.

bmw welt events 19 750x500

14. Joker – The Dark Knight

While the Joker character has been played over time by many actors, the role played by the amazing Heath Ledger certainly can be considered one of the best portrayals ever seen in Batman movie franchise history.

And as a wacky Joker, we definitely see him strolling in a dark BMW i3 with some blacked out wheels and dark tint. You can almost imagine him whizzing around in complete silence, activating yet another explosive package.

2015 bmw i3 cars 10 750x563

13. Detective Alonzo Harris – Training Day

The only car I can see Denzel Washington while portraying detective Alonzo Harris is a black BMW E39 5 Series. Tinted windows are a must. While an M5 would be an obvious choice for many, this character loves to prove a point, but be subtle about it. Something in the line of a 540i (you gotta have a V8 under the hood of course) would match him perfectly.


12. Harry Lime And Marv Merchants – Home Alone

The loveable villain duo from Home Alone is one of the classics in the movie history. Twenty five years later and every holiday season, these two entertain the living crap out of everyone. They are the real life’s equivalent of Wile E. Coyote and his endeavors in a lot of ways. So what’s their car? A BMW 2 Series Active Tourer without a doubt in my mind! Plenty of space, perfect for blending in the suburbs and looking inconspicuous.


11. Agent Smith – Matrix

Black BMW E60 5 Series. Preferably the 550i model. The E60 is part of that whole 2000s culture, with flip phones, software hacking and introduction of flame surfacing design. While Neo would most likely be driving a technology laden Lexus, the aforementioned Agent Smith fits perfectly in that generation 5 Series. One can only expect he would be able to utilize iDrive to find his way in the Matrix.


10. Hans Gruber – Die Hard

If anyone thinks Hans Gruber could be seen in anything but a BMW E34 5 Series, then he is sadly mistaken. The 1980s cars and movies just work perfectly together.

No self respecting criminals, looking to steal billions of dollars would allow to be seen in anything but a dark blue 5 Series. That’s a fact! Third world country dictators drove a Mercedes, businessmen drove a BMW.


9. Patrick Bateman – American Psycho

While Patrick’s favorite play time were showboating his newly acquired business cards, or having nocturnal, psychotic activities, he still needs to get around so we see him driving a classic 3 Series, in this case the E30.

1983-1991 - E30 BMW BMW Heritage-1

8. Frank Costello – Departed

Definitely one of those villains you gotta love and admire! His playful, yet sick and twisted nature, all combined with psychotic statements like: “What we generally do – in this country… is one guy brings the items and the other guy pays him. No tickee, no laundry!”

A brown BMW E32 would be a perfect choice for Mr. Gangster.


7. Ernst Blofeld – James Bond

The cat stroking genius villain would definitely have a taste for something like a classic BMW 328. The subtle lines, overall beauty of post-war BMW design cues and a great engine, all make for a vehicle that looks great, but doesn’t exert too much attention.

Something a detail oriented movie villain would definitely prefer.

BMW 328 Kamm Coupé

6. Sgt. Barnes – Platoon

The BMW 3.0 CLS is the only car I can imagine Sgt. Barnes driving if and when he returned from ‘Nam. A perfect match of lunacy, exemplary performance and the will to kill you in every corner you drive through. Something a character like Barnes would definitely appreciate.


5. Terminator

Tough, indestructible and restless. This is how someone can describe Terminator, so it’s only fitting to find a car with similar traits. Meet the BMW X5M. The sheer power and brute force of the SUV, matched with high-speed and large size, weight and performance, make this a perfect vehicle for a movie villain like the Terminator.

BMW X5M With HRE Performance Wheels

4. Hanibal Lecter

Hanibal Lecter saw himself in a few movies as well. One might think the good ol’ doctor would love a steady, classy and sophisticated model like the BMW 5 Series, but we see him in a fancy and classy BMW Z8.

The combination of design, pin-point engineering and the status it imposes, fits perfectly with Dr. Hanibal Lecter’s personality.


3. Gordon Gekko – Wall Street

The 80’s businessman often associates himself with the image of Gordon Gekko: great taste in fashion, ruthless, witty and successful.  And without a doubt, a BMW 7 Series is THE car he would drive, in this case, we opted for the E32 7 series.

The in-car phone, brown leather seats and the golf clubs in the rear, are all the things he needs.


2. Meryl Streep – Devil Wears Prada

Villain in her own way, Miranda Priestly is one powerful and sophisticated woman. She inspires people while frightening them to death. While she was seen in a Mercedes-Benz S-Class in the film, in 2015 we see her in a beautiful M6 Gran Coupe, a stylish and luxurious car that fits the fashion world.

Preferably in Silverstone Metallic exterior, beige leather inside.


1. Darth Vader – Star Wars

Yes, I am saving one of my favorite characters (not just villains) for last. Darth Vader is one of the most legendary villains ever imagined by Hollywood and in a non Sci-Fi world we would see him riding in blacked out BMW M6.

Frozen Black BMW M6