BMW Z4 needs a worthy successor

BMW Z4, Rumors | February 27th, 2015 by 7
bmw z5 rendering

The new Audi TT is creating quite a buzz, lately. Most of this excitement is due to the TT’s new and innovative interior. But aside …

The new Audi TT is creating quite a buzz, lately. Most of this excitement is due to the TT’s new and innovative interior. But aside from its interior, the TT is said to drive very well, too.

Of course, like all Audis, the steering is a bit vague, but aside from that the TT is said to be quite the handler. It’s about time too as the TT has always been a bit too dainty. It always kind of seemed like a diva, looked good but never wanting to get its hands dirty. However, this new one is the other way around. From the outside it doesn’t look anything special, but on the inside and underneath the skin, it actually is quite good. Which leads me to my point.

The upcoming BMW Z4 or Z5, whichever name BMW chooses, HAS to be good.

bmw z5 rendering

Rendering BMW Z5

The current Z4 is getting a bit too long in the tooth. It is really starting to show its age, especially as the competition grows. Mercedes and Porsche both have had newer cars in the Z4’s segment for a few years now, with the SLK Class and Boxter, respectively, and now Audi does as well. The Z4 will be the last to the party, but at least it will have more time to benchmark its competition.

We’ve heard before that Toyota might be aiding BMW in this replacement, but the extent of that aid is still a bit hazy. However, the Z4 should be designed alongside a Toyota Supra successor, which creates a compelling case for the Z4. With all of this time going by and all of BMW’s competitors creating newer cars, BMW needs to get this right. It can’t come out with some half-baked Z4 that isn’t up to the astronomically high standards set by the Boxter and TT, or BMW will be crucified.

The interesting thing about the segment the Z4 lives in, is the variety of cars. The SLK Class is a small, sporty GT car, the Boxter is an all-out sports roadster and the TT is a high-tech, fashion coupe. All are good in their own way and have their own different strengths. The SLK is probably the most comfortable and livable of the three, while the Boxter is definitely the most fun to drive and the TT is the newest and by far the most modern.

So where will the Z4 fit in?

2014 bmw z4 122 750x499

Will BMW decide to make a back-to-basics, convertible sports car like the Boxter, or will they go the Audi way and make something that handles well enough but has enough gadgets and tech to make the Millenium Falcon blush? Maybe BMW tries to go after the SLK and makes a sporty GT car. Maybe BMW will go a completely different route and go for some kind of hybrid technology and make a baby-i8 of sorts. I’m not really sure where they will go, and the added Toyota dynamic just muddies the waters for me.

I can tell you which direction I want BMW to take the Z4 — Porsche Boxter route. My love for overly sporty BMWs isn’t a secret and I’m sure I’m not alone. Making sporty convertibles is something BMW does very, very well. One could almost say the Bavarians are the best at it. Something to take on the Boxter would be excellent, but I’m trying to limit my enthusiasm and to be blown away by whatever Z4 replacement puts out there.

In the end, regardless of the direction taken, the upcoming Z4 replacement has to be good and it needs a halo roadster.

I wouldn’t mind this one either…


Or this one…