When you take an Alpine White BMW 2 Series to the north of Norway, you are bound to not only see some scenic roads but also to encounter quite a bit of snow.

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This photoshoot by Stian Furuseth Photography showcases a 220d Coupe that you wouldn’t normally think about driving up in the mountains, let alone on icy and snowy covered roads.

While an xDrive equipped version with some snow tires would be the best choice, the owner went for a rear-wheel drive BMW 220d with plenty of power and torque under the hood.

BMW 2 serie 2 750x500

The 2.0 liter twin-scroll turbo engine delivers 184 horsepower allowing the vehicle to sprint from 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in just 7.2 seconds. This is combined with a fuel consumption of just 5.6l/100km or 50.4 mpg.  Unfortunately, the 220d remains an European-only affair and us here in the State have to settle for another great: the 228i Coupe.

Please take a look at the media gallery we’ve added below and enjoy stunning winter surroundings.

BMW 2 serie 4 750x500

BMW 2 Series Coupe Photoshoot From Norway

BMW 2 Series Coupe Photoshoot From Norway