Alongside other car tuning companies, Active Autowerke is proud to introduce the Active-8 Tuning Module. The Active-8 is a weather-proof module that you can plug into your BMW’s factory ECU to improve performance output without any actual coding, programming or other work done. It’s a plug and play solution, like some we have seen recently, where the power gains are impressive, allowing the 3.0 liter turbo inline-six engine, developing 425 horsepower in its stock form, to deliver even more performance.

Karl Hugh, Active Autowerke’s Technical Director and head of engineering, says the results seen with the tuning module are impressive. “We didn’t know what to expect when we ran a customer’s F80 M3 on the dyno with our Active-8 Tuning Module, but the results were astounding!” said Hugh.


With the Active-8 tuning module, the car puts down a 65 – 75 WHP gain, and an additional 60 to 68+ ft-lbs of torque on Active Autowerke’s Mustang MD250 dyno. Similar impressive results were seen on a separate customer’s F10 M5 which was tuned previously by Active Autowerke. The F10 M5 made 598 WHP, up from the stock figure of 540 horsepower. According to the tuner, the secret behind the product is its internal processor, where they use an advanced 64-bit processor which works in tandem with BMW’s newest DMEs.

F80 M3 final stock Vs Active 8_box-page-001

Active Autowerke’s goal was to ensure the module remains completely protected in all conditions—including inclement weather and racing conditions featuring extreme vibrations, heat, and cold. Great attention was paid to the Active-8 Tuning Module’s design and mounting points. The module can be installed in under an hour, and uninstalled just as easily. The Active-8 Tuning Box leaves absolutely no fingerprints behind should a dealer update the engine’s DME software, nor if the box is removed. This means that owners can safely assume their upgrade in the power department wont be an issue with warranties and such claims, but that is always a tricky question in some situations.


The Active-8 is compatible with F3X 335i/435i, 70 X5M, E71 X6M, F10 550,F12 650, F10 535i, F12 640i, F01 740i, F25 X3 35i, E70 X5 35i, E71 X6 35i, F48X1, F30 328i, F32 428i, E82 135i N55, E9X 335i N55, F10 M5, F12 M6, F80 M3, and F82 M4, and more. Pricing for the Active-8 varies by model and starts as low as $699.00 MSRP.


F32 435 Stock Vs AAbox Grahps Results By RPM-page-001

F32 435 Stock Vs AAbox Grahps Results By RPM-page-002

F80 M3 vs AA box 1

F80 M3 vs AA box