Five months have passed since this BMW 2002 was acquired by Clarion. The work on the special project continues and the company has new updates for us.

The latest upgrades were made to the car’s engine, suspension and brakes – not only did they want it to go faster, they wanted the car to handle better and stop quicker too! Simply rebuilding the engine wasn’t enough so Clarion chose to increase its power displacement – adding nearly 60 horsepower thanks to some carefully chosen upgrades.

Stock, the BMW 2002 has 122 horsepower. Now, with the improvements made by Clarion, this 2002 becomes a terrific performance car, even by today’s standards. The 2002, sort of a cult-car more than anything else, was sold to more than 400,000 customers worldwide, turning it into one of the most popular BMWs ever built.

Clarion BMW 2002 Build Suspension Upgrade 22 750x500

The fully rebuilt engine comes with all new internals (Crank, pistons, bearings, valve train, etc.) – increasing compression from 8:1 to 10:1. They have also replaced the intake manifold with a custom unit from Ireland Engineering. Furthermore, they’ve installed a dual two-barrel side draft Weber carbs, a combo that effectively adds some impressive horsepower for this engine and improves throttle response too.

Clarion BMW 2002 Build Engine Rebuild 49 750x500

With the added horsepower, the attention moved to the brakes. The addition of Wilwood 4 piston calipers and two piece slotted rotors from Ireland Engineering, ensures better braking performance. The installation of the refurbished BBS wheels will be a nice finishing touch, once everything is fully rebuilt and installed.

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Finally, the shop installed the suspension upgrades. These consist of upgraded sway bars, Eibach springs, KONI strut inserts up front, with shocks in the back – making ride height adjustable while maintaining the car’s road manners. Further work is scheduled for this BMW 2002 build.

Stay tuned for further updates.

Clarion BMW 2002 Build Suspension Upgrade 20