Will a BMW X1 M make sense?

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There is one car that the M Division doesn’t have, that the others do – a small, powerful SUV, an BMW X1 M or X3 M.

BMW’s M Division is world renowned for making some of the highest performance cars on the market. They’ve expanded their horizons, in the past few years, making performance version of SUVs and large luxury cars like the M6 Gran Coupe. All of the Germans, like AMG and Audi’s Quattro, seem to be doing it lately as well, as they like to copy each other. But there is one car that the M Division doesn’t have, that the others do – a small, powerful SUV, an X1 M or X3 M.

Mercedes-Benz has the GLA45 AMG and Audi has S Q5 and the S Q3. So why no baby M SUV for BMW? It seems only logical, BMW has made M versions of practically every other car, so why not an X1 or X3? I think the X1 would benefit more greatly from M Division treatment, as it’s already quite fun to drive and has a low, nimble chassis. Imagine, say, the 3.0 liter, twin-turbo I6 from the M3/M4 in an X1, with lower and stiffer suspension and carbon brakes? That would be a little monster.

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An X1 M seems like it would be quite a hit, sales wise, as well. It’s already one of the cheapest car BMW sells and there wouldn’t be much R&D to develop it as all of the parts already exist. The last time BMW did something like that was the 1 Series M Coupe and that turned out to be an incredible little car that sold out very quickly. Now pre-owned 1Ms go for more money than they were brand new.

An X1 with an M3 engine, the M3 dual-clutch transmission, M-tuned suspension and xDrive would absolutely crush both the S Q3 and GLA45 AMG. It would also be an absolute riot to drive. People already really like the X1’s steering and nimble chassis, so just beef up the engine and suspension bits and the X1 turns into a monster hot-hatch (Shhh, don’t tell BMW it isn’t really an SUV but just a big hatchback).

01 BMW X1

The rumored next-generation BMW X1

I think that would be a slam dunk move by BMW and one that would get a lot of enthusiasts excited. BMW makes awesome mash-up cars just like the 1 Series M. Hell, the very first M3 came about pretty much the same way and that’s considered one of the greatest sports cars in history. So, hopefully (probably not) BMW will hear these words and consider it. A world with an X1 M sounds, very much, like a world I want to live it.

21 responses to “Will a BMW X1 M make sense?”

  1. mckillio says:

    The only problem with this is that the next gen X1 will have a transverse engine, so the I6 wouldn’t fit. But I wouldn’t mind a 4 or 5 cylinder X1 M with over 300hp.

  2. Billy The Hillbilly says:

    Oh, for God’s sake, please, don’t.


  3. Levi says:

    If M7 doesn’t make sense for BMW, then neither should any X model make sense.

  4. Otto says:

    “Audi has S Q5 and the S Q3”
    There is no SQ3. But there is a 340 hp RSQ3.

    “imagine, say, the 3.0 liter, twin-turbo I6 from the M3/M4 in an X1”
    If there’s a X1M, it will get the engine of the M2 – I hear 380 hp in my ear bud-, not M3/M4.

    Furthermore, the SQ5 is fitted with a 313 hp Diesel in EU, a 354 hp petrol in the rest of the world.

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