Sometimes the simplest aftermarket parts can make your car stand out in the crowd and while most of us focus first on wheel upgrades or M Performance parts, there are others that start off differently: with a set of new springs to lower the car.

The general opinion is that improving the looks of a BMW F82 M4 is a complicated task, due to the fact that BMW engineered and designed this vehicle perfectly.

But this owner of an Black Sapphire F82 M4 had something else in mind. He took his M4 to the popular tuning company, Baan Velgen, and improved the car with just a few performance and cosmetic upgrades.

BMW F82 M4 HR lowering springs Eibach pro spacers 15 750x469

For this M4, the addition of a lowering and some spacers was all that was needed – this results in a rather clean and attractive build.

BMW F82 M4 HR lowering springs Eibach pro spacers 6 750x469

It’s always a pleasure to work on cars like the BMW M4, but when we have a car this new in our shop it really puts a smile on our face. Everything is clean and easy to to disassemble. To talk you through the process quickly, before we show you the photos of the work and the final result, we’ll keep it simple as this is no difficult procedure at all. We removed the wheels, several cover plates and the carbon fiber stabilizer under the hood to be able work freely. Then the shocks where removed, the new H&R springs replaced the stock springs and then we put the assembly back together. We added a set of 12mm Eibach Pro spacers to bring out the wheels a little more when we put those back on. All this was done while the owner looked around in our showroom and workshop. The result is subtle but noticeable, a better stance that matches the sporty lines of the car. – Baan Velgen

BMW F82 M4 Gets Lowered By Baan Velgen

With a photoshoot by Thomas Van Rooij Photography, we have a chance to review the project from arrival, through the work done, to the final product.

BMW F82 M4 Gets Lowered By Baan Velgen