Extremely popular in the online automotive culture with his down-to-earth videos, Shmee150, is taking a new BMW M4 Convertible for a spin and shares his impressions with the large following.

Sharing its platform with its Coupe siblings, the M4 convertible has all the punch and roar you would expect from such a vehicle, and fits perfectly in places like Southern California and South Florida.

The BMW M4 is powered by the same twin-turbocharged 3.0L straight-six engine that delivers 425 horsepower which is also found in the BMW M4 coupe and the BMW M3. The M4 convertible is a heavier car compared to the coupe. The M4 Convertible weighs 4110 lbs with the automatic transmission, compared to just the 3585 lbs heavy coupe with the same automatic gear changer. The biggest difference in weight comes from the steel and aluminum roof found in the convertible, where the coupe has a much lighter carbon fiber roof.

bmw m4 convertible exterior 56 750x499

bmw m4 convertible exterior 112 750x499

The video showcased below will give you an insight on how the typical car enthusiast considers the new convertible, how it drives and behaves in city traffic.