In a bevvy of interesting aftermarket builds, this one is somewhat interesting. Without a doubt, getting creative is what matters most in the tuning industry and this project comes to prove that.

The tuning project comes with a bike rack, features a selection of aftermarket aero and wheels, all attached to a BMW M4 Coupe. Not a bad way to create something interesting. With the Alpine White exterior, the build gets even better, as that choice for a paint job has been highly praised by owners and fans lately.

IMG 2947 750x500

Wheels Boutique took the aforementioned M4 and turned it into an interesting final product. They’ve added a set of ADV.1 Wheels, lowered the vehicle and topped it off with Vorsteiner GTS aero products for the M4. The wheels are finished in Matte Bronze which add a bit of contrast to the Alpine White color.

Furthermore, the carbon fiber additions are an excellent way of creating a balance with the same exterior color. Overall the build looks clean, doesn’t come off as too overpowering and the M4 does get a more aggressive look.

IMG 2964 750x500

Thanks to a photoshoot done by Keenan Warner, we are able to show you a selection of interesting wallpaper sized photographs in the gallery below. The Miami skyline and the night shoot are a perfect setting for this photoshoot and the BMW M4 in Alpine White simply excels in it. Enjoy!

Alpine White BMW M4 By Wheels Boutique