Comparison Test Drive: BMW 740Ld xDrive vs Kia K900

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At a first glance, this is one of the oddest comparisons of the year: the flagship BMW 7 Series and the Kia K900. The 740Ld …

At a first glance, this is one of the oddest comparisons of the year: the flagship BMW 7 Series and the Kia K900. The 740Ld was the chosen model for the standoff with the top model from the Korean budget brand.

The 2015 Kia K900 is a rear-wheel-drive sedan that mimics the successful traits of large luxury sedans, especially those from Germany. The K900 offers a similar power output at about $20,000 less.

Just like the 7 Series and the S-Class from Mercedes, the Kia flagship sedan caters to executives and customers looking for the ultimate luxury and driving experience in a single package.

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But can the Kia K900 be placed on the same scale as the 7 Series?

The folks over at NYDailyNews took the two sedans for a comparison test and shared with us some of their thoughts:

And then there’s the Kia K900, which adds a business-class upgradeto the Korean automaker’s regular lineup, a roster that has generally stayed outside of the luxury space. After years of watching BMW and Mercedes-Benz dominate the full-size premium market, Kia brought its own sedan to market in the United States. The K900 isn’t completely new, however, since it owes significantly to the groundwork laid by its corporate and mechanical sibling, the Hyundai Equus.

The K900 is something of a revelation as a fully formed luxury sedan, built as well as anything in its class and optioned to attract thick-walleted car shoppers. Think beautiful white leather, light-colored wood, and suede-like appointments at every touch point in the cabin. This is complemented by more stretch-out space in front and back than what you’ll find in many private jets!

In an era when a Forte, Kia’s cheapest model, is a premium alternative in its own segment, the K900 really shouldn’t be such a shock to your senses. Kia has a habit of offering more for less, no matter where the vehicle in question falls on the pricing spectrum.

Where the K900 falls short is its driving dynamics. Remember the jet comparison? Well, the flipside happens to be the K900’s driving manners, which have more in common with a small yacht. Steering is best classified as pinky-light, braking a little grabby, and the chassis feels disconnected and floaty, rather than absorbent.

At the end of the day, driving the K900 reminded us more of driving a Lincoln Town Car and, perhaps, the aforementioned Hyundai Equus: two luxury sedans purpose-built for comfort, not driving thrills or excitement.

Full review here

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