In spreading the holiday spirit, several car makers are doing a great job release holiday commercials. These have always been my favorite and the car culture embraces them immediately. A few days ago, BMW has released an advertorial named Rocket Ship. This one features a young boy having his dreams come true.

This ad is also about enjoying life and developing fruitful ideas about space, travel and about what’s possible. It’s all part of growing up, all part of the holiday spirit and ensuring we grow as individuals.

BMW has done a great job delivering the conclusion and providing us a glimpse into a perfect development of things. It’s concluded with a shot of a BMW i8, a car that stands for almost everything we dreamed as young boys. It’s a perfect introduction to the holiday spirit, all wrapped up by one really impressive vehicle. Enjoy!

BMW Rocket Ship Commercial 2 750x411


BMW Rocket Ship Commercial 3 750x411