Not much is really known about ENLAES, but we have a feeling we’ll be hearing about them more in the upcoming years. Created in early 2013 by John Morgan Evans and Alex Weld, ENLAES was formed out of the idea that “ENLightened AESthetics” was to be the driving force behind their design and production.

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There are many carbon fiber aero companies out which give customers a wide array of options when it comes to the right parts for their cars. To stay in business, those tuning companies have to constantly evolve and produce higher quality parts, and that is reflected in the latest BMW projects we have seen.

ENLAES has equipped a Frozen Black BMW M6 Gran Coupe with their full EGT6 aero kit and the results are impressive.

Frozen Black ENLAES EGT6 Gran Coupe 4 750x500

Frozen Black ENLAES EGT6 Gran Coupe 3 750x500

Their kit for the M6 Gran Coupe consists of a carbon fiber front spoiler, made of two pieces, a set of side skirts with add-ons of their aero blade design and completed with a three-piece diffuser in the rear, gracefully providing the aesthetics and downforce need for this M6 Gran Coupe to stand out.

Frozen Black ENLAES EGT6 Gran Coupe

This BMW M6 Gran Coupe is furthermore garlanded with an Akrapovic exhaust system and a KW HAS (Height Adjustable Spring System) providing the exhaust note and ride quality that a proper M car should have. The M6 build also comes with the BBS FI and ceramic brakes that finish the build perfectly.

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Frozen Black ENLAES EGT6 Gran Coupe

Frozen Black ENLAES EGT6 Gran Coupe