The fine people over at BMW Fanatics from South Africa did another great event. The BMW Breakfast Run took place in November and attracted some interesting vehicles. Filled with BMW cars and showing a nice South African Spring, the images will surely make us crave for such gorgeous weather and great cars.

You will notice several popular previous generation M vehicles, a lot of aftermarket adorned builds and lots of new BMWs also.

BMWFanatics Cullinan Nov 14 Divio 37 750x502

The photos come courtesy of  Divio Photography showcasing the beauty of our beloved BMWs.

BMWFanatics Cullinan Nov 14 Divio 36 750x481

Please take a look at the media gallery from the event right below. As winter approaches, the usual North American and/or European events like these are quite scarce, but luckily for us we get a chance to visit some different countries and see what BMW owners in those countries have to offer us. Enjoy!