2016 BMW 7 Series Tested On U.S. Soil

Spy Photos | December 7th, 2014 by 1
2016 bmw 7 series spy images 2 750x500

A 2016 BMW 7 Series prototype was spotted during a testing session in Southern California. The photos were taken on Highway 101 near Encino, CA and show a fully covered test mule still hiding the design details.

Despite being covered, the proportions reveal a sportier limousine with more muscular wheel arches and a streamlined side view. Even though not shown in the spy photos below, the front-end gets a more angular look with sleek LED headlights connecting with the oversized and upright kidney grille. The font bumper also features some interesting air curtains with floating fins.

The spy images will certainly get better as we approach Spring 2015 when the  camouflage will slowly starting to peel off and to tease us before its September unveil.

2016 bmw 7 series spy images 750x500

A new series of engines will also be made available for the G11/G12 7 Series models, from diesel to petrol and hybrids, in four, six and eight cylinders.

After falling behind in sales compared to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW is going all-in with their flagship model. Not only the design will be sportier and sleeker, but the luxury sedan loses quite a bit of weight as well.

Earlier this year, we reported on BMW’s plans to launch a new rear-wheel drive platform by 2016. Dubbed “35up”, the new platform will debut alongside the next generation 7 Series.

2016 bmw 7 series spy images 1 750x500

The platform will be used for both rear-wheel drive and xDrive vehicles and mixes high-strength steel, aluminum and carbon fiber.

BMW says the G11 BMW 7 Series will make use of modern materials with a lot of carbon fiber. The high-end limousine will set new luxury-class standards not only in terms of lightweight construction, but also in driving dynamics.

With the new G11/G12 platform, BMW managed to shed some weight off the previous 7 Series models.


The weight of the base 740i model is said to dramatically drop below the 1900kg kerb weight.

[Photos: Sam at www.losangelesmcars.com]