The holiday season is fast approaching and everybody is making their shopping lists. We’ve decided to do our own and concentrate on things that a BMW fan would like to buy

We all know a thing or two about being passionate about BM’s and we also know how much we enjoy any BMW-branded gear we can get our hands on. For some of us, it’s a matter of pride, while for others is a matter of style.

Our gift ideas were not guided by price. You will find that most of the items we’ve picked are priced reasonable and won’t break your bank.

Here are the ten items we’d love to give and receive this holiday season. Just make sure to drop any cool gift ideas in the comments below and we’ll do another article with fan based gift ideas as well.

1. BMW Men’s M Wallet

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2. BMW Travel Mug with Black Band

3. Genuine BMW Men’s Motorsport Hooded Sweat Jacket

4. PUMA Men’s Bmw M Logo Tee

bmw m t shirt 577x750

5. BMW Genuine Black Ceramic Classic Mug OEM

6. BMW Carbon Fiber Collection Hard Case for iPhone 6


7. BMW M3: The Complete Story

8. The BMW Book

9. BMW Genuine Roundel Emblem Umbrella


10. Licensed BMW i8 Concept eDrive Electric RC Car