G11 BMW 7 Series will have a new iDrive system

Spy Photos | November 24th, 2014 by 18
bmw 7 series new idrive 750x500

The cat is out of the bag. For months, we have learned that the new G11 BMW 7 Series will deliver some of the most advanced technology ever developed by BMW. One of them, was a complete revamp of the iDrive system and how the driver interacts with it.

Today, we finally have that visual proof. The latest spy photos of the G11 7 Series reveal the user interface of the new iDrive system. And that’s not the all that has changed with the updated iDrive. After years of ignoring the touch screen technology which was believed to be more of a distraction to the driver than an aid, the touch sensitive LCD screen is coming to BMWs near you.

Photo: Paultan.org

The new 7 Series is the first model to receive inputs via touches and also gestures. The iDrive controller will continue to be part of the user interaction with the screen and the car, and it will either complement or replace some of the touchscreen gestures. The 7 Series will also get the swipe technology from the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Concept. Basically the passenger can look up information on a Head-Up display and with a hand gesture on the dashboard, transfer the info over to the driver.

Our sources say that the high-tech cabin is inline with what the premium market is demanding, so imagine seeing more digital touch buttons inside the new 7 Series versus the knobs seen in the current generation – look at the photo below the air vents.

BMW will also stay true to its own iDrive Operation System so no switch, for now, to Apple Car Play. The UI/UX gets revamped to now feature a tile-based navigation with cards being able to be swiped horizontally on the screen. Lots of the new mobile apps today are using this UI/UX approach which is very effective and intuitive, and BMW seems to have taken cues from the mobile apps industry.

Last but not least, BMW is rumored to not offer the Bang & Olufsen system in the new G11 7 Series. Another high-end system will be used instead for those audiophiles looking for the best audio tunes in their car.