Five eBay Finds That Will Make This Winter More Fun

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BMW Snow and Ice Fahrertraining Winter 2011 06 750x500

In some countries around the world, the winter is quickly approaching and us, BMW fans, are getting into the preparation mode for the upcoming weather. …

In some countries around the world, the winter is quickly approaching and us, BMW fans, are getting into the preparation mode for the upcoming weather. For some it means buying new tires, wrapping up the car or adding a self-starter, but what if you’re simply looking for a winter beater?

What car can you buy, have fun with it on the snow and icy roads, and still spend less than a five-day skiing vacation in Switzerland?

So we started with a base price of $6,000 or less for the vehicle. It should run well and shouldn’t have any pressing and/or large repairs required. The car should have some decent tires, but spending $300-400 on some valid winter rubber is still a good idea.

The rest is up to you, as the potential new owner.

We’ve came across several interesting offerings on eBay and this will probably give you an idea of the cars offered in the desired price range. While some cars do need a bit of work, they are all viable candidates for a BMW that will bring lots of fun to its new owners.

1991 BMW 325i Base Convertible 2-Door 2.5L E30 – $5,000.00

Yes, it’s a convertible but as we learn from the MINI cars, riding with the top down and heat cranked up can be quite fun. The car comes fairly maintained and it also has a BMW cassette player, meaning your Wham! collection can be played without that pesky CDs getting in the way. Yeah, thinking “Last Christmas.” On repeat.

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2000 BMW X5 4.4i Sport Utility 4-Door 4.4L – $3,000.00

Nothing says classy, sophistication and all-wheel drive like a used BMW X5. Without a doubt that lots more fun can be had in the snow with a rear-wheel drive BMW, but the 4×4 in this vehicle will make for some fun all-wheel drive drifting as well. Combine that with a 4.4L V8 engine and you have a real car on your hands. The car looks pretty clean, has no visible damages and the price is well in the range we are looking at.

$_57 (10)

$_57 (9)

1989 BMW 535i – without a heater – $1,750.00

Alright, it may be a bit stupid to buy a heaterless vehicle for winter fun, but the price could make up for it. Dress well, drink some hot tea and you’re good to go. The rear-wheel drive BMW comes without any electronic safety aids and thus it will be tail happy in snow. Just what you need!

$_57 (12)

$_57 (11)

1976 BMW 2002 – $2,002.00

What favorite list of cars would skip the BMW 2002? One of the classiest BMWs ever built, the 2002 has all the ingredients for a fun car to buy: rear-wheel drive, light construction and not too many driving assistance equipment. And yes, you can pick up those hot chicks in your ’80s style sweater. There is some work to be done with this, but a few belts, a battery and you should be ready to go!

$_57 (14)

$_57 (13)

2003 BMW 330Ci – $4,999.00

Probably the most interesting car on this list. It’s a 2003 BMW 330Ci that comes with a clean history, runs and provides that modern feel of a premium car. It comes with the safety features ensuring you won’t end up in the first pine tree or a snowbank you run into. To some, the BMW E46 3 Series may be the epitome of rear-wheel drive fun, design and overall engineering. And we kinda agree with that.

$_57 (16)

$_57 (15)