Considered by many one of the most successful BMW 3 Series models ever, the new F30 3 Series brings a combination of elegance, design, engineering and luxury in a mid-size sedan.

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To many, these vehicles are perfect receivers of aftermarket parts, where there are tons of possible options for modifying them -all in the quest of creating unique builds that their owners can enjoy.

This particular F30 3 Series started with a set of ADV.1 Wheels installed to match the Black Sapphire paint job.

Matte Black F30 3 Series Photoshoot 1 750x343

The ADV05 MV.2 wheels are monoblock layout wheels, a two-piece manufacturing process which allows for more customization in terms of width.

Matte Black F30 3 Series Photoshoot 2 750x428

With the matte black finish chosen for the wheels, these work nicely in conjuction with the black exterior of the BMW 3 Series. Sizes are 19×8.5 in the front and 19×10 in the rear, respectively. The wheels provide a nice visual upgrade, while they also weigh less, they improve the stance and allow the owner for his vehicle to stand out in a crowded parking lot.

For further media from this project, please see the gallery below, thanks to Zhenya Dokanin.

Matte Black F30 3 Series Photoshoot

Matte Black F30 3 Series Photoshoot