KW Suspension fitted their KW Coilover kit for the brand new MINI and took the British icon car around the world for some proper testing.

Thomas Fürst and Fritz Kreis from Gigamot Racing, both MINI fans, tested the new KW coilover kit for the F56 MINI Cooper while doing a two month round-the-world-trip covering a distance of 22,000 kilometers.

This road trip / test drive took them through the rough terrain of Siberia, the scorching heat of New Mexico wastelands too, then to some performance driving around the snow filled mountains in Japan as well.

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A KW coilover kit delivers superb driving dynamics in daily, street driving situations and also under extreme conditions. In summertime Thomas Fürst and Fritz Kreis from Gigamot Racing demonstrated this during their round-the-world-trip dubbed “Mini goes all around”. In only two months the pair drove a new Mini (F56) from Germany via Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Russia. After a short stop in Korea and Japan, the Mini flew to the USA to travel home.

You can see all about the round-the-world trip on Facebook where you’ll find more images, info and different tidbits about the trip as well.

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The KW V3 coilover kit was installed on the MINI during the world tour and enables a lowering of 20 to 45 millimeters front and rear. Depending on road conditions and personal driving demands, the dampers can be adjusted for a more comfortable or firm ride. When the rebound valve is opened it makes for a more comfortable ride. When closing the rebound valve a firmer setup will be achieved.

“There are 16 rebound adjustment positions. With KW V3 it is possible to minimize a harsh ride that often can happen when larger wheels or low profile tyres are fitted to the car” explains product manager Johannes Wacker.

A New Mini Goes Around The World With A KW Coilover Kit

Rebound adjustment is also featured on the KW V2 coilover kit. Additionally, V3 has an adjustable compression. Adjustments to the compression can be made at the lower end of the stainless steel strut with no tools. With the adjustable compression you can influence the pitch and roll of the body without making any changes to rebound damping. KW’s V1 coilover has a sporty, harmonic damping setup that is set by KW at the factory.

All three KW coilovers are made of stainless steel and enable a German TÜV tested lowering of 20 to 45 millimeter on both axles.

A New Mini Goes Around The World With A KW Coilover Kit

We have added a video from the road test and this amazing trip, together with some high-quality images, right below! Enjoy!

A New Mini Goes Around The World With A KW Coilover Kit

A New Mini Goes Around The World With A KW Coilover Kit