A BMW 1M truly is a performance oriented model, built for speed and cornering. Fully beefed up, there isn’t much an owner can really do to further accentuate its aggressive lines – except a set of aftermarket wheels.

Naturally, every aspect of an aftermarket setup needs to be custom and specifically tuned to the powerful and agile little performer. It also means the looks need to be enhanced in a way which doesn’t impeded or in any way thwart performance.

Going with a set of ADV.1 wheels certainly fits the profile: complete visual aspects are enhanced, where the performance stays virtually intact to precise engineering, a forged wheel design and the completely custom tailored layout for this particular build.

IMG 2322 750x500

These are ADV5.0 MV.2 wheels, coming in a size of 20×9 and 20×11 in the front and rear respectively. The owner opted for a Manbronze Finish on wheels which show the braking system in all its glory.

IMG 2319 750x500

Here is a photo gallery: